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Bucceto's is pleased to now offer gluten-free menu options for our gluten-sensitive customers!

Gluten-sensitive pizza & pasta lovers can now enjoy a medium,10½ inch pizza pie with rice flour based crust which can be adorned with over 40 gluten-free toppings for the same price as a medium pizza. The only toppings that wouldn't be available would be our BBQ sauce, BBQ Chicken, and Meatballs. All of our smiling teeth pizza combos can also be made gluten-free, with the exception of the Bar 20.

The gluten-free pasta options, priced just $1 more than the menu prices, are made with a remarkably flavorful corn spaghetti and can be topped with one of Puccini's numerous gluten-free signature sauces with the exceptions of the Chicken Piccatta, and Chicken Parmesan and once again, meatballs.

We also offer a number of gluten-free appetizers & sandwiches.

All of our salad dressing are gluten-free as well. And the menu options at all of our locations are alike, so you can get the same smiling teeth goodness at every store.

Bucceto's servers and kitchen staff have been educated on the requirements of a gluten-free diet and are able to assist in making the proper sauce selection.

Although all of the ingredients in our gluten-free menu items are gluten-free, wheat flour is used in the kitchen and there is always a possibility of cross-contact so we do not recommend these options to severely-sensitive individuals.
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