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Gluten-sensitive pizza and pasta lovers can now enjoy an array of gluten-free menu options at Bucceto's in Bloomington.

Gluten-Free Pizzas
Our 10” gluten-free pizza pies are made with a rice-flour-based crust that can be adorned with more than 40 gluten-free toppings–all for the same price as our regular medium pizzas!

Gluten-Free Pasta
Bucceto's gluten-free pasta options are made with remarkably flavorful gluten-free spaghetti and can be topped with one of our numerous gluten-free signature sauces – all for just $1 more than regular menu price!

Other Gluten-Free Options
Bucceto's also offers a number of gluten-free appetizers, sandwiches and salad options.

All of the ingredients and recipes on our gluten-free menu are gluten-free. We use every effort to avoid cross-contamination. However, wheat flour is used in the kitchen, and there is a possibility of cross contact. We do not recommend these options to severely gluten-sensitive individuals.
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