About Us

The two Bloomington & one Columbus Bucceto's locations are sister stores of Indianapolis-based Puccini's Smiling Teeth... same great eats, just a little further south.

So, you ask... what's the deal with the "Smiling Teeth?"

We feel that when you eat at one of our restaurants, each of your teeth should individually be happier than they have ever been before. Your over-worked, over-taxed, under-appreciated teeth deserve their own little smile. And, indeed, you shall have it here.

That is our mission statement, our credo if you will. YES! THAT IS OUR CREDO!!

Smiling Teeth restaurants first opened in March of 1991. The Smiling Teeth menu specializes in innovative pizza, pasta dishes and salads of the highest quality, prepared fresh every single day. The Smiling Teeth menu has also expanded over the years to include Italian chicken dinners, calzones, sandwiches and gluten-free meals.

The atmosphere is casual, yet stylish. Families, dates and seniors feel equally comfortable. The restaurant is considered to be a value, providing quality at a reasonable price.

In its second full week of operation, Puccini's was reviewed by the Indianapolis Star newspaper and received the Stars' highest possible rating. In August of that year, the Star listed Puccini's Smiling Teeth as one of the ten "Hottest Restaurants in Indianapolis.”

Recognition grew with highly favorable ratings and reviews from print, radio and television. Indianapolis Monthly listed Puccini's Smiling Teeth as being in the top five in all of metro Indianapolis in the following categories: pizza, pasta, salad, service and carryout. They also rated Puccini's as having the very best house salad in Indianapolis. 

Bucceto's, the Smiling Teeth restaurants in Bloomington & Columbus, Indiana, owned and managed by Paul Heilbrunn, was voted "Best Restaurant" by the Indiana Daily Student newspaper as well as the Bloomington Convention & Visitors Bureau and has recently won the number one spot for pizza, lunch, Italian, vegetarian and catering by the Herald Times in Bloomington.

In the years since, Smiling Teeth restaurants have grown in number to thirteen locations throughout the midwest: Six stores in Indianapolis, Indiana, one in West Lafayette, Indiana, and three in Lexington, Kentucky, as well as three sister stores called Bucceto's - two in Bloomington and one in Columbus, Indiana.