Bloomington Smiling Teeth Pizza Combinations To Bring You Into Fall

With summer winding down to a close, it’s almost time to embrace those warm and comforting flavors that taste even better during the fall. While the spring and summer months are all about the fresh bursts of refreshing flavors, the fall and winter months really embrace the warmth and the comfort that a great hot pizza can bring. At Bucceto’s, our Bloomington Smiling Teeth pizza combinations have some excellent autumnal picks that are perfect for bringing your taste buds into the new season. Some Bloomington Smiling Teeth pizza combinations that we love pairing with the cool weather are:
• Bar 20 – The Bar 20 pizza is something of a transitional pizza, as the rich barbecue flavors are perfect for embodying a summer backyard barbecue, while the smoky comfort food notes work beautifully into the fall. This pizza uses rich barbecue chicken in a barbecue sauce and pairs it with crisp red onion and hearty smoked gouda to provide a pizza that really packs a flavor punch in each and every bite.
Bloomington Smiling Teeth Pizza Combinations To Bring You Into Fall • Sweet Lil Razorback – The Sweet Lil Razorback pizza is a customer favorite, and for good reason. This hearty pizza combines pepperoni, smoked sausage, and bacon with basil and garlic, giving you a smoky, hearty, and comforting pizza that is truly one of a kind.
• Twice Baked – One of our most unique pizza combinations is our Twice Baked Smiling Teeth pizza. This pizza uses new potatoes, bacon, green onions, and smoked gouda all on top of our very own Bucceto’s buttermilk herb dressing. What you get is a pizza that combines the flavor with the feeling of a warm and cozy home cooked potato meal. If you’re having guests, this is the pizza that is sure to leave them impressed.
• Campfire – Few things scream “fall” quite like a campfire. Our Campfire Smiling Teeth pizza embraces a true campfire flavor by combining smoked sausage with sweet onion marmalade, gorgonzola, and fresh rosemary.
If you’re looking to treat your guests to pizza in an entirely new way this fall, our Smiling Teeth pizza combinations are just what you need. From the warm and toasty Campfire, to the homey and rich Twice Baked, you’re sure to leave your plate satisfied yet looking for more. If you’re looking for top fall flavors in your pizza, check out our Bloomington Smiling Teeth pizza combinations today.

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