Italian Restaurants In Bloomington To Please The Vegan Crowd

We strive to please every one of our customers at Bucceto’s and we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn really try to make sure no one is left out. For this reason, our Italian restaurants in Bloomington cater to the traditional Italian food customer, the gluten-free customer, and now the vegan customer as well. Our vegan pizza is available at both of our Bloomington locations and it combines everything you love about pizza with the vegan-friendly ingredients you’re looking for in your meals. From the crust to your toppings, we have created a flavorful, a tasty, and a comforting pizza using ingredients with no animal products.
The foundation of our Italian restaurants in Bloomington vegan pizza is our crust. The crust is made with a traditional dough that gives you that perfect snap, crunch, and flavor. It’s built to hold up against your cheese and toppings, and to ensure you get the full pizza experience with each and every bite you enjoy.
The next layer of our vegan pizza is the sauce, which is made with an authentic Italian recipe and prized for its robust freshness. Our pizza sauce is what gives your pizza it’s core traditional flavor, and it uses nothing unfriendly to vegan dietary needs. We make sure to top our crust with the perfect amount of sauce to ensure the perfect amount of moisture and flavor with each bite, but a great balance of flavors as well.
Italian Restaurants In Bloomington To Please The Vegan Crowd Topping our sauce is our vegan cheese. Our vegan cheese blend tastes like the “real” thing, but it’s dairy-free and made with no animal products. It gives you the salty, stretchy, and classic taste and texture you look for when you’re craving a great pie.
Topping off the cheese is your choice of toppings, and this is how you make our vegan pizza really your own. We offer vegan sausage for those who are looking for that smokey, salty, traditional bite, as well as a number of vegan-friendly vegetable or nut toppings so you can play with flavor as you please. Our vegan sausage tastes and feels just like traditional sausage, so it’s a great topping pick to please the entire table!
Whether you adhere to a vegan diet or you’re just curious about vegan food, our vegan pizza at our Italian restaurants in Bloomington is always delicious. Stop in today and see what our vegan pizza is all about for yourself!

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