Kids Love Our Columbus Restaurant

While our Columbus restaurant at Bucceto’s is a big date night favorite of parents, it’s also a place the entire family will love. We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn have brought our Bucceto’s way of preparing wholesome, fresh, and delicious Italian food to our kids’ menu, so every kid has something that they’re really going to love. 


We like to keep a family friendly environment at our Columbus restaurant, so whole families can sit down and enjoy a meal together feeling like they’re right at home. If you’re thinking of bringing the kids along for a Bucceto’s dinner night, our menu for youngsters includes: 


  • Ravioli – Our big, beefy, and bouncy ravioli is a favorite on our main menu, so we made a kids’ portion that includes 3 jumbos perfect for a filling dinner. 
  • Fettucine Alfredo – Our kids’ menu fettucine alfredo is the same alfredo moms and dads love but in a smaller kid-friendly portion. 
Kids Love Our Columbus Restaurant
  • Spaghetti – Our spaghetti is a big-time kids’ menu favorite! The spaghetti can be served traditional or gluten-free, and in 3 different ways. Spaghetti plain or with butter, spaghetti with tomato sauce, and spaghetti with meat sauce are all on the menu so little ones can get just the dish they can’t wait to eat. 
  • Small cheese pizza – Pizza is the universal comfort food – for kids and adults! Our small cheese pizza comes in a child-sized personal portion with our fresh and tasty cheese blend. 
  • Little Hands Plate – Sometimes the little ones just want to have something light, and we can accommodate that at Bucceto’s! Our Little Hands plate is healthy, easy to eat, and refreshing and it includes olives, cheese, and crackers for a tasty light snack. 

Finding something for the little ones is a challenge for parents looking to have a relaxing, enjoyable, and pleasant sit-down restaurant meal. Our Columbus restaurant strives to be the place for Columbus families to have that excellent experience, so we put all of our heart into our well-rounded kids’ menu. Are you looking for somewhere to take the little ones tonight? Try out our kids’ dishes for yourself at Bucceto’s in Columbus! 

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