Bucceto's Menu

Gluten Free 

Most of our menu can be prepared gluten-free

This symbol • accompanies dishes that cannot be prepared gluten-free

Smiling Teeth Specialty Pizzas

No more than one substitution please. Gluten-free pizzas medium price

Ultimate Warrior (above) sausage, pepperoni, onions, black olives, mushrooms & green peppers sm 9.25 | md 16.40 | lg 23.95
King of Hearts artichoke hearts, mushrooms, bacon, whole black olives & capers sm 8.95 | md 15.75 | lg 22.95
Giacomo pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms & green peppers sm 8.65 | md 15.25 | lg 21.95

Sweet Lil’ Razorback (above) pepperoni, smoked sausage, bacon, with a lil’ basil and garlic ​sm 8.95 | md 15.75 | lg 22.95
Cactus Delectus yellow & red bell peppers, chorizo sausage, chilies, cilantro & jack cheese ​sm 8.95 | md 15.75 | lg 22.95
Panama Red shrimp, cilantro pesto, red bell peppers, jack cheese & green onions sm 9.65 | md 16.75 | lg 24.25

Twice Baked (above) new potatoes, bacon, green onions, smoked gouda & bucceto’s very own buttermilk herb dressing ​sm 8.95 | md 15.75 | lg 22.95
Bill (formerly known as Steve) hot italian sausage, yellow & red bell peppers, thyme, oregano & parsley ​sm 8.95 | md 15.75 | lg 22.95
Shrimp Santori shrimp, sesame chili oil, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes & fresh basil sm 9.65 | md 16.75 | lg 24.25
BLT bacon, lettuce & tomatoes with mayo sm 8.95 | md 15.75 | lg 22.95

Campfire (above) smoked sausage, sweet onion marmalade, gorgonzola & fresh rosemary sm 8.95 | md 15.75 | lg 22.95


Margherita fresh tomatoes, fresh garlic, fresh basil, oregano & fontina cheese ​sm 8.95 | md 15.75 | lg 22.95
Humble Pie fresh garlic, fresh basil, sun-dried tomatoes & fontina cheese ​sm 8.95 | md 15.75 | lg 22.95
Paparazzi our regular cheese blend plus gorgonzola & ricotta cheese sm 8.25 | md 13.95 | lg 20.25
Zorba the Pizza spinach, red onions, whole black olives & feta cheese sm 8.95 | md 15.75 | lg 22.95

Lean Machine (above) about 1/3 the fat of our regular pizza: a thick crushed tomato sauce full of herbs & spices, sprinkled with fresh parmesan & romano cheese sm 6.50 | md 10.75 | lg 14.95
Veg-Head broccoli, yellow bell peppers, tomato, red onions, black olives, fresh garlic & fontina sm 9.25 | md 16.40 | lg 23.95

Bama Jam (above) pecans, sweet onion marmalade, gorgonzola & fresh rosemary sm 8.95 | md 15.75 | lg 22.95

Create Your Own Pizza Pie

Our cheese pizza starts with all-natural flour for our dough (absolutely no bleach or bromates), California sun-ripened tomatoes and herbs for our sauce, with the finest domestic and Italian cheeses... enjoy a specialty pizza or choose your own destiny!


10" gluten-free  8 slices  10.75

10" Vegan Pizza 12.70


sm 1.35 per topping | md 1.95 per topping | lg 2.50 per topping

Our vegan pizza is made with our gluten-free crust and tomato sauce:

The regular dough contains honey, however gluten-free pizza crust is certified vegan. The “pizza sauce” contains parmesan cheese so be sure to order “tomato sauce”.  All of the veggie toppings are vegan. Bucceto’s also now offers vegan cheese and sausage. 


Artichoke hearts
Banana peppers
Barbecue sauce
Basil (fresh)
Basil pesto
Bbq chicken
Black olive
Canadian bacon
Chili oil
Chorizo sausage

Feta cheese
Fontina cheese
Garlic (fresh)
Goat cheese
Green olive
Green onions
Green pepper
Hot italian sausage
Jack cheese
New potato
Onion marmalade

Pine nuts
Red bell peppers
Red onion
Ricotta cheese
Roma tomato
Rosemary (fresh)
Smoked gouda
Smoked sausage
Sun-dried tomato

Vegan cheese

Vegan sausage
Yellow bell peppers

Special Toppings

Shrimp sm 1.95 | md 2.95 | lg 3.95
Chicken Breast sm 1.75 | md 2.75 | lg 3.75

Pasta Dinners

Served with dinner salad & garlic bread

Diavolo (above) mild, medium or spicy served with linguine 13.50 with shrimp  16.00    with chicken  15.80    
Tomato Sauce with spaghetti or angel hair 12.50     with meatballs  15.00   with italian sausage  15.00
Meat Sauce with spaghetti or angel hair 13.50     with meatballs  16.00    with italian sausage  16.00
Pasta Alfredo 13.00    with chicken  15.30
Basil Pesto with linguine or fettuccine  13.00 with chicken  15.30
Jumbo Ravioli (5 jumbos) •  beef with meat sauce  13.25 cheese or spinach with tomato sauce 12.25

Rosemary Cream Chicken (above) sautéed slices of chicken in a rosemary cream sauce accented with mushrooms & sun-dried tomatoes served on fettuccine ​15.50
Clam Sauce red or white sauce served over linguine 1​4.50
Shrimp Santa cruz sweet, spicy, smoky & buttery served with angel hair 14.50

Vodka Cream Sauce (above) spicy & rewarding with penne or fettuccine ​13.00    with chicken  1​5.30
Pasta Primavera classic fresh vegetable primavera  on wheat penne  13.00    with chicken  1​5.30
Quattro Formaggio oven-baked penne with a blend of four cheeses & tomato sauce  13.00  with meat sauce  14.00 with spicy tomato cream sauce  14.00

Chicken Dinners

Served with dinner salad & garlic bread

Chicken Marsala (above) oven-roasted chicken breasts in a marsala wine cream sauce with mushrooms, served over new potatoes 15.50
Venezia Chicken two chicken breasts crowned with baked ricotta, goat cheese & sun-dried tomatoes 15.50


Cut out the carbs and pack in the protein – served with dinner salad
Chicken Torino chicken breasts with pesto, monterey jack, toasted pecans & bacon, sautéed mushrooms 15.50
Baked Roman Holiday two chicken breasts capped with thin canadian ham, alfredo sauce, provolone & bacon 15.50

Everything Else


Thin dough filled with good stuff, folded & baked

Greek Garden a delicious blend of spinach, red onion, black olives, tomato & feta cheese 8.95
Meatball Heaven hunks of meatball with mushrooms & gorgonzola cheese 8.95
Queen of Hearts chunks of marinated artichoke hearts in a delightful blend of ricotta cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms & spices 8.95
Napoli sliced italian ham with roma tomato & provolone cheese 8.95
Bbq Chix barbecue chicken with green peppers & smoked gouda 8.95
Junior mozzarella, romano, provolone & fontina cheese 8.95
Chicken Bada Bing sliced breast of chicken with baked ricotta, goat cheese & sun-dried tomatoes 9.75
Make Your Own start with cheese blend & sauce then you choose up to 3 regular pizza toppings 8.95 additional toppings extra


Hot sandwiches served with chips
Hot Italian Sub salami, ham, tomato, pepperoni & banana peppers 8.50

Chicken Parmesan (above) big & brawny & delicious 9.75
Sicilian Sausage with sautéed onions & peppers 8.50
Meatball Sub meatballs & marinara topped with cheese & fresh basil 8.50
Ham & Cheese italian ham, swiss, hint of bacon, tomatoes, & our dijon vinaigrette dressing 8.50

Spinach Artichoke (above) spinach, mushroom, red onion, tomato & artichoke spread 7.65 with chicken 9.95


Bruschetta (above) fresh tomato, garlic and herbs on toasted bread, with or without goat cheese 6.50
Spinach Artichoke Dip a our version of this classic 6.75

Scamorza (above) melted, smoked mozzarella over tomatoes and herbs, with toast for dipping 6.50
Garlic Bread •  made with unsalted butter, olive oil and fresh minced garlic full order 4.50 half order 2.35  
Garlic Bread with Cheese •  full order 5.75 half order 3.25
Sun-dried Tomato Bread •  rich flavor of sun-dried tomatoes, fine cheeses and tomato sauce for dipping 6.75

Pepperoni Bread (above) •  fine cheeses & pepperoni stuffed inside our homemade dough, served with tomato sauce and ranch dressing for dipping7.25
Homemade Bread Sticks •  with ranch or tomato dipping sauce full order – six per order  4.75   half order  2.75     nacho cheese  95¢ extra

Spicy Meatballs served with crostini for dipping 7.25


Homemade dressings include italian, dijon vinaigrette, buttermilk herb (ranch), fat-free italian, (blue cheese or caesar .65 extra)...we also have fat-free french

Dinner Salad (above) mega abundant  5.65  with sliced chicken breast  7.95
Antipasto fresh vegetables & cheese with pepperoni & italian ham served with our italian dressing  7.85
Greek Salad spinach, lettuce, red onions, black olives, tomato slices & feta cheese  6.95
Caesar Salad 5.95    with sliced chicken breast  8.25

Greek Salad (above) spinach, lettuce, red onions, black olives, tomato slices & feta cheese  6.95
Caesar Salad 5.95    with sliced chicken breast  8.25

Bbq Chicken (above) •  served with buttermilk herb dressing  & crumbled blue cheese  8.50
Spring Mix served with pecans, candied cranberries, crumbled blue cheese & dijon vinaigrette  6.95   with chicken breast  9.25

Bucceto’s blue cheese wedge  6.75    with bacon 7.75


Pasta Fagole or Tomato Basil •  
bowl 5.00 |  cup 4.00

Kids' Menu

Does not include salad or garlic bread

Ravioli (3 jumbo) 4.25
Alfredo Spaghetti ​5.50
Spaghetti plain or w/butter ​3.95
Spaghetti w/tomato sauce ​4.50
Spaghetti w/meat sauce ​4.95
Small Cheese Pizza 6.50  
Little Hands Plate black olives, cheese & crackers 3.95


Large soft drink, iced tea, lemonade, coffee, hot tea, milk 3.25
IBC bottled root beer, regular or diet 3.50
San pellegrino sparkling italian artesian water in a half liter 4.50

100% pure apple juice 3.50

See the table flipper for beers and wines. Click here to see our wine specials. 


It’s ok... share!

Chocolate Torte flourless, rich & decadent 5.75 (gluten-free)

Vegan Cheesecake creamy, sweet & wonderful 4.50

Carnegie Deli Cheesecake 6.25

Layer Carrot Cake 6.00

Tiramisu 6.00

High 5 Chocolate Layer Cake 6.50

Lunch Menu

Served monday - friday during lunch hours 

of course, you may order from the dinner menu any time

Slice, salad & drink lunch special choice of today’s pizza slices – always a meat topping, always a veggie – you get a large slice of pizza, a fresh garden salad with your choice of dressing and a large soft drink, all for only  8.95

Pizza by the slice every day you have at  least two choices – always a meat & always  a veggie  3.75

Lunch salad  fresh, delicious vegetables and cheeses served with your choice of our homemade dressings (see salad section for dressings)  4.75

Lunch greek salad  5.85

Angel hair or spaghetti with tomato sauce 8.50    with meat sauce  9.00   add a meatball 1.25    add italian sausage 1.25

Fettuccine alfredo  10.50  with chicken 12.80

Linguine or fettuccine  with pesto or vodka sauce  9.00    with chicken  11.30

Linguine with clam sauce  white or red  10.50

Jumbo ravioli (4 jumbos)  beef served with meat sauce  9.50 cheese or spinach served with tomato sauce  9.00

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