Plan A Delicious Gluten-Free Date Night

For those who have to follow a gluten-free or gluten restricted diet, getting date night right isn’t always easy. Accidentally eating gluten can cause a catastrophe, and finding the right place to take your date that offers delicious and satisfying gluten-free options can be tough. We at Bucceto’s and our owner Paul Heilbrunn think it’s important to provide great no gluten pizza, as well as other gluten-free options so your date night can be focused on your experience, not making sure there’s something on the menu you can eat.
Plan A Delicious Gluten-Free Date Night - Gluten-Free MenuYour delicious gluten-free date night starts at your appetizer at Bucceto’s. Gluten-free Bruschetta, Spinach Artichoke dip, and Scamorza might lack gluten, but they never lack flavor. You and your date can enjoy each appetizer dish without worry about gluten or worry about how your dish is going to taste. In addition to these starters, we also offer 6 gluten-free salads, and a hearty and comforting gluten-free Tomato Basil soup.
Now that the first course is over, what’s the main dish going to be? You have your choice from our Smiling Teeth pizzas, pasta dinners that leave you full and satisfied, flavorful chicken dishes, and sandwiches bursting with fresh flavors. It’s not only a couple gluten-free options you can pick from, it’s getting what you really want in a mindful gluten-free version.
Don’t let the date end at dinner; our rich and decadent flourless Chocolate Torte is the perfect way to cap off a great night. Perfect for just one or to share, the Chocolate Torte is completely gluten-free and adds just that touch of sweetness that keeps a great date going.
A gluten-free date night should be easy, and it should allow you to focus on your experience with a special someone – not the menu! Our Bucceto’s gluten-free options provide variety and flavor across the board, providing you with a true culinary experience and the best pizza Indiana has to offer. If you’re planning a gluten-free date night in the near future, call us and stop in to see what kind of experience we can offer!

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Debbie Jones - December 27, 2018

I have a very severe Gluten intolerance that was diagnosed 21 years ago. Back then there weren’t many options like there are now. When I heard that Bucetto’s had a Gluten Free Pizza of course I had to try it. It would be the first Pizza I had tasted in 15 years. My expectations weren’t high about how good it would be but I figured even sub par would be better than nothing. So we went to Buccetto’s and they brought the Pizza. It looked Amazing and tasted even better. Since then I have tried everyone else’s GF Pizza as they have come along and NONE of the other Restaurants compared to Bucceto’s.


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