Monthly Archives: July 2020

The Best Calzones At Our Italian Restaurant Bloomington

A calzone is a pretty delightful treat! Our Calzones at Bucceto’s are filled with the same wholesome ingredients that go into our pizzas and other dishes, and they’re wrapped up tight in delicious dough that make them the perfect party food. A simple way to think about a calzone would be to think about them […]

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Summertime Toppings For Your Gluten Free Pizza

Our gluten free pizza is something we take great pride in at Bucceto’s, and we have plenty of toppings available to create your own perfect summer pie. We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn believe that there’s absolutely no wrong time for pizza, and that the flavors you choose to incorporate into your pie can really […]

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Exploring The Sandwiches On Our Bucceto’s Menu

What makes Bucceto’s the best Italian restaurant in Bloomington and Columbus? It’s all in our menu! Our Buccetos menu is filled with gluten-free eats, vegan eats, low-carb meals, delicious pizzas, sandwiches, and so much more. Our goal with our authentic Italian Buccetos menu is to show you the best of what we do, and to […]

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Bloomington Food Delivery Serving Up Your Vegan Dinner

Everyone of the Bloomington region deserves a delicious, convenient, and easy dinner, and this includes those who adhere to vegan diets! Our Bucceot’s best pizza in Bloomington and Columbus is now going vegan, so you can experience the deliciousness of America’s favorite comfort food absolutely worry-free. By paying close attention to the wholesome and fresh […]

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The Perfect Gluten Free Pizza In Columbus For Date Night

If you’re going out for a date night, our gluten free pizza in Columbus is an excellent addition to your menu. Whether you’re eating in with us and going for a special night out, or you’re planning a pizza and movie night at home, our pizza selection is sure to satisfy your craving and your […]

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