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A History Of Great Lasagna

Lasagna is a great pick the next time you opt for Bloomington food delivery. It’s a classic Italian comfort food, it’s packed to the gills with rich flavor, and it’ll fill you up and keep you satisfied making it the perfect pasta dinner. However, do you know the long history of your Bloomington food delivery […]

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Getting To Know Calzones

If you’re looking for a party venue Bloomington to throw the perfect pizza party, we at Bucceto’s and our owner Paul Heilbrunn have another suggestion for you to try. While our party venue Bloomington promises a great time for any event, pizza isn’t your only option for feeding all your guests in a really delicious […]

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The Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken

Good restaurants in Columbus will make a good chicken, and we’re proud to claim that distinction at Bucceto’s. We have chicken as a pizza topping, chicken calzones, chicken sandwiches, chicken pastas, and great chicken dinners, so if you’re in the mood for a great chicken dish, you’ve come to the right place. These can be […]

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Bloomington Delivery Of A Great Low-Carb Meal

Low-carb diets are more popular than ever, and this is largely due to the results people see by sticking to a low-carb meal plan. When compared to low-fat diets, many find that they lose weight more quickly by going low-carb, and they have a better variety of delicious food to enjoy while still sticking to […]

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6 Surprising Benefits Of Going Gluten-Free

For a gluten-free Columbus, we at Bucceto’s and our owner Paul Heilbrunn have taken great care to build a varied and delicious full gluten free menu. Millions of Americans today require a gluten free diet due to allergies and intolerances, but many others don’t realize just how beneficial it can be to go gluten-free whether […]

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Celebrate Spring And Summer With Catering In Bloomington

  Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, and this means it’s time to plan for those parties and family gatherings! The big family reunion, 4th of July parties, graduation parties, Easter get-togethers, and memorial day picnics will be here before you know it; do you know what you’re going to serve […]

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