Monthly Archives: August 2022

No Gluten Pizza Has Plenty Of Flavor

Before sitting down to try a slice, a lot of folks have some misconceptions surrounding no gluten pizza. First and foremost, that it lacks flavor – a myth that we at Bucceto’s are dead set on debunking! While some gluten free products might lack in the flavor department, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn put […]

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How Do You Top The Best Pizza In Columbus?

Everyone knows that the best pizza in Columbus isn’t all about the toppings, but the toppings sure do add the character to your favorite pizza! At Bucceto’s we have dozens of fresh toppings to choose from, so you have the ability to completely transform your pizza along with your mood. Some topping combinations we love […]

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Carry-Out Your Favorites From Our Gluten Free Restaurants

There’s no easier way to be a hero than to come home with an arm full of delicious Bucceto’s! Our Italian restaurants in Columbus and Bloomington aren’t just tasty, they’re also inclusive. The extensive gluten-free menu we offer makes us one of the best gluten free restaurants in the area, with all of your inclusive […]

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Bucceto’s Is A Lot More Than Just A Pizza Restaurant 

While we might be serving up famous traditional, vegan, and no gluten pizzas here at Bucceto’s, we want our communities to know that we’re a lot more than just a pizza restaurant! Our full and inclusive menu features authentic Italian dishes, refreshing lunches, cozy soups, satisfying chicken dinners, comforting pasta dishes, tasty calzones, and even […]

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The Best Pizza In Columbus Breaks Down Its Vegan Flavors

Our best pizza in Columbus at Bucceto’s is traditional, it’s gluten-free, and now it’s going vegan! While we’ll still have our gluten-free and traditional pies, we encourage our customers to give our new vegan pizza a try. If you’ve never had vegan pizza before, we want to breakdown the flavors so you can get a […]

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