3 Appetizers For Our Gluten Free Columbus Friends 

Finding a great restaurant where you can have a complete meal experience can be tough for hungry gluten free Columbus customers. We at Bucceto’s have set out to change that, and you can see the fruit of our efforts right in our Bucceto’s gluten free menu. Our gluten free Columbus friends don’t have to choose between just a couple of options, and we’ve made sure that from the time you sit down, to the time you’re packing up those leftovers with a full belly, you’re enjoying a completely satisfying visit! 


When you sit down at one of our tables, we want you to dig right in. Our gluten free Columbus appetizers give you something tasty to prime your appetite for your favorite Bucceto’s main dishes. 3 appetizers that are fast favorites for our gluten free friends are: 



  • 3 Appetizers For Our Gluten Free Columbus FriendsBruschetta – Made with gluten-free toast, our Bruschetta is a fresh star on our menu. Juicy fresh tomatoes are joined with garlic, herbs, and optional goat cheese to create a palate cleanser that goes with every meal on our menu. Perfect for sharing, it’s one dish that becomes a quick favorite with our gluten free and traditional patrons. 


  • Spinach artichoke dip – Ooey, gooey, salty, and delicious, there’s few things quite as satisfying as digging into our spinach artichoke dip. Served with gluten free toast for dipping, we can’t wait for you to experience the Bucceto’s take on a truly classic appetizer. 


  • Scamorza – Mozzarella is perfectly smoked and melted on top of fresh tomatoes and herbs. Gluten free toast is perfect for dipping into the decadent mix of salty, smokey, sweet, herbal, and fresh flavors.


Our gluten free Columbus appetizers, while tasty and convenient for our gluten free friends, are well-loved by all of our patrons. If you’re looking for something to please the entire table as a perfect sharing plate, we at Bucceto’s can’t wait to show you what our gluten free appetizers have in store! 

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