3 Brews To Bring Out The Best Pizza In Columbus

At Bucceto’s in Columbus, we have great brews on tap and in bottles to really complete your best pizza in Columbus experience. When you find that perfect match, you’ll notice whole new flavor profiles in your beer and your pizza, giving you a flavor explosion you never thought possible. If you’re not sure where to start, we want to outline a few of our favorite beers and tell you all about the best pizza in Columbus that go along with them:

  • 3 Brews To Bring Out The Best Pizza In Columbus Stella Artois – Stella Artois is available in bottles alongside our best pizza in Columbus, and when you’re ordering a cold bottle of Stella we like to suggest a pepperoni pizza. The light and malty beer really brings out the kick of spice you’ll find in our fresh pepperoni, so the topping is enhanced in a way that can only be brought out by the beverage. The crisp finish of each sip is the perfect wash down for the salt and fat content in the cheese, as well as the grease the pepperoni naturally adds to the pie.

  • New Grist Pilsner – If you’re going with the delicate, refreshing, and crisp New Grist Pilsner, there’s no better pairing than our margherita pizza. The pilsner will never take away from the fresh flavors in the pizza, and both are delicate enough to balance each other out with each bite and every sip. The fresh mozzarella cheese topping the margherita pizza is perfectly cut by the fresh bitterness of the beer.

  • Two Brothers: Prairie Path Golden Ale – The Two Brothers: Prairie Path Golden Ale is the ideal accompaniment for a classic Hawaiian pizza. The pineapple and bacon on the Hawaiian pizza is perfectly balanced by the citrus hop of the beer, giving you a complimenting sweetness along with a crisp bite that pairs beautifully with the salt and fat of the cheese and bacon.

Our bottled and beers on tap are just what you’re looking for if you want to experience our best pizza in Columbus in an entirely new way. If you’re looking to try your first pairing, stop by and see us at Bucceto’s for our favorite daily suggestions!

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