3 Different Dining Experiences You Can Have At Our Columbus Restaurant 

Date night? Girls’ night? Guys’ night? Family dinner night? Our Columbus restaurant at Bucceto’s is for every night! We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn have worked hard to cultivate our friendly, warm, “any occasion” atmosphere, and no matter the occasion, we’re here to be the backdrop of your good time at Bucceto’s. Breaking down 3 of the many dining experiences you can have at our Columbus restaurant: 


  • Family dinner night – We do family dinner right at Bucceto’s! Our menu is full of classics, authentic flavors, and warm cozy dishes that make you feel like you’re sitting around your own family table minus all the work involved. Our kids’ menu has kid favorites like spaghetti and cheese pizzas, as well as plates created for the youngest of your group like our Little Hands Plate. We love family togetherness at Bucceto’s, and that’s why we want to be your favorite setting for gathering together with the ones you love the most. 
  • Friends’ night out – With families and busy lives, it can be hard to get together for some laughs and downtime with your “crew”. Bucceto’s makes meeting up easy, and we provide a fun and comfortable atmosphere to let loose while you catch up. We have bottles, drafts, and wine to go along with all of our authentic Italian dishes, even ciders like Cider Boys, Stella Apple Cider, and Redbridge Sorghum to go with our no-gluten pizza, as well as the friendly service you need when you want to kick back and relax! 3 Different Dining Experiences You Can Have At Our Columbus Restaurant
  • Date night – If you can’t make it to Italy for a romantic date night, our Columbus restaurant at Bucceto’s is the next best thing! Intimate, cozy, and delicious, you can enjoy all of the flavors of Italy from right here at home in Columbus. On Sundays through Thursdays, we have wine specials along with easy and delicious food pairings to set the mood as soon as you sit down to your table. 

No matter what kind of night you’re trying to have, we’re here to be the setting for it at Bucceto’s. Whether it’s a family dinner, a date night, or even a solo outing with a good book and great food, we can’t wait to serve you with the perfect fares and atmosphere! 

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