4 Authentic Sauces You Can’t Miss At Our Italian Restaurant Bloomington 

We take pride in our authentic food at Bucceto’s! Our Italian restaurant Bloomington is full of great dishes to choose from, but to really highlight our Italian fares, we want to take a closer look at our wholesome and delicious pasta sauces. Our pasta sauces can be served on gluten-free spaghetti, ravioli, linguine, fettucine, and more, and they really bring home how we do pasta right! 4 authentic sauces you can’t miss at our Italian restaurant Bloomington are: 

  • Diavolo – Served atop linguine or gluten-free spaghetti, our Diavolo sauce is perfect for the spice lovers in your life. Coming in mild, medium, or spicy, this is a flavorful pasta sauce with a kick, but the amount of kick is up to you! For a little something extra, you can get your plate of Diavolo pasta with tasty shrimp or chicken. 
  • Meat Sauce – There’s nothing more classic than meat sauce. Our meat sauce is made using wholesome ingredients, so you get every ounce of the robust flavor you’re looking for. Served on angel hair, ravioli, lasagna, classic spaghetti, or gluten-free spaghetti, you can opt to add in a bit of extra protein with your choice of meatballs, or Italian sausage. 
  • Alfredo – Warm, creamy, and cozy, our Alfredo is a customer favorite. Served traditionally atop Fettucine, adding chicken to your dish just tacks on another delightful comforting layer. Our Alfredo is always cheesy, always bursting with flavor, and always authentic at our Italian restaurant Bloomington. 
  • Rosemary Cream – The coziness of our creamy Alfredo, the freshness of fresh rosemary, and on top of Fettucine and chicken, what could be better than that? A true comfort dish, it’s accented with earthy mushrooms and bright sun-dried tomatoes. The chicken is sauteed in the sauce, so you get a rush of flavor with every single bite. 

There’s no wrong night for pasta, and our authentic sauces make sure that ours stands out from all other Italian restaurant Bloomington options. Using fresh, rich, and flavorful ingredients, the pasta simply becomes a vessel for you to enjoy every bite of delicious sauce! Looking to enjoy the best pasta around tonight? Check out what other dishes we have on our menu at Bucceto’s