4 Desserts To Go With The Best Pizza Delivery

Our best pizza delivery at Bucceto’s isn’t only about pizza. We know that no meal experience is really complete without the perfect dessert, and we’re bringing these right along with your favorite pies!


Dessert comes from the word “desservir”, a French word that means “to clear the table”. In the middle ages, desserts were eaten alongside meals as a palate cleanser between courses, but things started to shift somewhere around the 1600’s. In the 17th century, sugar became more abundant (and therefore less expensive) thanks to sugar cane availability in the new Americas, making desserts more complex, more flavorful, and more abundant than they were before. This began the age of dessert cookbooks, more involved desserts, and dessert moving from a palate cleanser to a course all on its own.


Whether you want to wait until after your best delivery pizza for dessert, or you sneak a bite here and there as a “palate cleanser”, we’re not going to judge! 4 delivery friendly deserts that go great with our Bucceto’s pizza are:


1. Tiramisu – Our Tiramisu isn’t any old Tiramisu; we have it imported to Bloomington direct from Italy. You’re getting the real thing with each bite – creamy mascarpone, espresso-soaked ladyfingers, and a perfect dusting of cocoa on top. Keeping it cool and classic has never been more delicious.


2. Chocolate Torte – Our no gluten pizza is a big fan favorite at Bucceto’s, and we had to make sure we had a dessert to go along with it. Our Chocolate Torte is completely flourless, making it friendly for our gluten-free patrons, and it’s filled with rich and decadent layers of indulgent chocolate.


3. Carnegie Deli Cheesecake – At Bucceto’s we serve up New York style pizza, so we thought we may as well have a New York dessert to match! Our Carnegie Deli Cheesecake is the real thing, and we have it flown in from Manhattan to ensure you’re getting nothing but the best. It’s creamy, refreshing, delicious, and the perfect accompaniment to any pie.


4. Layer Carrot Cake – Sweet and earthy, our Layer Carrot Cake is our take on a true classic. The cake is perfectly spiced, with a cream cheese icing that balances out the flavors flawlessly. Who says you can’t get your veggies from dessert?


At Bucceto’s, we want to make sure we’re not just delivering pizzas but delivering culinary experiences. Our best delivery pizza is even better with a sweet treat!