4 Dishes To Enjoy From Our Italian Restaurant In Bloomington This Week

Our Italian restaurant in Bloomington might be serving up the best pizza in Bloomington, but we have a lot more than that! Celebrating authentic Italian flavors, we have a variety of dishes for you to try any day of the week, and whether you’re picking up lunch or dinner, we always have something delicious being cooked up. 4 dishes for you to enjoy from our Italian restaurant in Bloomington this week are:
• Chicken Torino – If you’re looking for a great dish without all the carbs, our Chicken Torino is exactly what you’re after. This dish is comprised of chicken breasts topped with our fresh made pesto and Monterey jack cheese, along with toasted pecans, bacon, and sautéed mushrooms. For those who are adhering to a Keto diet, our Chicken Torino proves that you can still really enjoy a delicious dinner out!
4 Dishes To Enjoy At Our Italian Restaurant In Bloomington This Week• Calzones – If you love our pizza, you’re really going to love our calzones! We use a thin pizza dough and put all the tasty stuff inside, then we fold the dough and bake it to perfection. Our Calzones come in a create your own variety, or some of our favorites like BBQ Chix, Junior, Queen of Hearts, or Greek Garden. This is a whole new way to love our already well-loved pizza flavors.
• Soups – If you’re stopping to pick up lunch this week, our Tomato Basil soup is the perfect accompaniment to our sandwiches or as a standalone meal! Coming in either a cup or a bowl, the same love and care goes into our authentic recipes and fresh ingredients to create soups that simply burst with flavor.
• Shrimp Santa Cruz – Our pasta dishes are celebrated just as enthusiastically as our pizza dishes, and one we really love is our Shrimp Santa Cruz. An Italian restaurant in Bloomington isn’t complete without really stand out pasta, and this dish combines sweet, spicy, smokey, and buttery flavors atop our fresh angel hair pasta. If you’re looking for gluten-free, it may also be served on our gluten-free spaghetti pasta.
Our Italian restaurant in Bloomington is perfect for take out, and we have plenty to choose from to really bring out the authenticity in our dishes. What will you have to enjoy this week?

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