4 Fun Things To Do While You Enjoy Our Best Pizza In Columbus

Pizza night is a special night, and if you are getting delivery or carry-out of our delectable pizzas, you are in for an exciting evening ahead! At Bucceto’s, we want you to have the ultimate dining experience, so today, we will tell you how you can make your pizza night even better. Read on to discover 4 activities you can enjoy while feasting on the best pizza in Columbus.

4 Fun Things To Do While You Enjoy Our Best Pizza In Columbus 1. Have A Game Night – Pizzas and game nights always go hand in hand. While being cooped up with the family, tensions with one another can rise from time to time. Cut this tension by having a bit of fun together. Break out the cards, get your favorite board game, or enjoy some video games together as a family while each of you has a slice or two of the best pizza in Columbus.

2. Watch Your Favorite Films – Nothing beats eating pizza during a movie. The next time you are gearing up to watch one of your favorites or host a movie night, leave the popcorn in the cupboard and order a pizza from us instead. It is easy to eat while huddled around the screen, it makes for a simple yet delicious dinner, and we have all the pizzas you need to ensure your entire crew is left satisfied.

3. Host A Binge-Watching Party – Binge-watching is more popular today than ever before. Before getting to that much-anticipated final season or starting a new series, grab a couple of Bucceto’s pizzas and prepare to settle in. The best part? If you’re having an all-day watch-a-thon, our pizza tastes just as great reheated as it did when you had your first fresh bite.

4. Have A Pizza Tasting Session – We have vegan pizzas, no-gluten pizza, special pizza combinations, and a ton of fresh ingredients. Try ordering a few different types of pizza and host a pizza tasting. Our pizzas pair beautifully with our various beers and wines, so you always have the perfect accompaniment to try.

At Bucceto’s, we want our pizza to be more than pizza—we want to offer you an experience! Our best pizza in Columbus is waiting for you the next time you are looking to have a fun night in. We can’t wait to hear what your plans are the next time you call or stop by!

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