4 Perfect Pairings At Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus

What would an Italian restaurant in Columbus be without perfect wine and beer pairings? At Bucceto’s, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn take the authentic approach to our food and our flavors, including making a meal into a full flavor and sensory experience. This means we don’t just take care to ensure a fresh and flavorful experience from our food, but from our beverage list as well. When you step foot into our Italian restaurant in Columbus, we want you excited about the flavor experience you’re about to have!
Maybe you’re used to only focusing on the food, and that’s okay! We want to break you into our perfect pairings with 4 of our favorites in our Italian restaurant in Columbus:
4 Perfect Pairings At Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus• Spicy pizza and corona – At Bucceto’s, we have a whole host of toppings for any taste, including plenty of spicy choices! If you’re topping your pizza with chiles or any other spicy flavors, we can’t recommend pairing with a fresh cold Corona enough. Corona is well known to go beautifully with chiles, even when those chiles are topping your favorite pizza!
• Filladonna Pinot Grigio  and Diavolo – Our Diavolo is served atop Linguine or your favorite pasta, and comes in mild, medium, and spicy varieties. When choosing the perfect wine to go with this dish, many opt for a red variety, but we really love the pairing you get with our Filladonna Pinot Grigio. The dry nature of the wine really cuts through the rich sauce and creates a refreshing experience perfect for a rejuvenating lunch or dinner.
• Chicken parmesan and 10 Span Pinot Noir – If you’re looking for a classic Italian restaurant in Columbus experience, you’re looking for our chicken parmesan. Pairing with this dish we love the 10 Span Pinot Noir, as it really stands up to the flavors in the chicken, any pasta you may order alongside, and the cheese.
• Elysian Space Dust IPA with Baked Roman Holiday – Our Bucceto’s Baked Roman Holiday features Canadian ham, provolone, bacon, and alfredo, and it’s a perfect choice for pairing with our Elysian Space Dust IPA. You get a real compliment to the rich and creamy nature of the sauce, allowing you to fully enjoy the flavor profile of your meal experience.
Whether you’re looking for pizza and beer, pasta and wine, or anything in between, we have just what you need! Stop by Bucceto’s today for an Italian dinner you’re sure to enjoy from the first sip and the first bite.

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