4 Pizza Restaurant Staples To Fill You Up This Week

At Bucceto’s, we pride ourselves on giving you the full authentic pizza restaurant experience. This doesn’t just mean great delivery or takeout pies, but the experience when you come in and sit down with your family for a meal as well. If you plan on stopping in at Bucceto’s this week, we have 4 pizza restaurant staples we recommend if you’re looking for that perfect warm, comfy, and satisfying pizza restaurant experience:
4 Pizza Restaurant Staples To Fill You Up This Week • Smiling Teeth pizzas – What would a great pizza restaurant be without great pizza? Sure, you can create your own combinations, but with our extensive list of toppings, picking just what you want can be overwhelming sometimes. For those times you feel overwhelmed, we have our own Smiling Teeth pizza combinations that we’ve put together to guarantee a home run every time. From a classic deluxe-like combo like our Ultimate Warrior, to something completely unique like our Twice Baked, there’s something for everybody at Bucceto’s!
• Lasagna – Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for pizza, and that’s okay at a great pizza restaurant! Our Lasagna is authentic, bouncy, delicious, and absolutely bursting with flavor. If you’re looking for classic Italian comfort food, it doesn’t get much better than this!
• Rosemary cream chicken – If traditional pasta dishes aren’t something you’re feeling, and you’re not in the mood for pizza, why not give our Rosemary Cream Chicken a try? This dish is comprised of sautéed slices of chicken in a rosemary cream sauce, which is accented with mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes and served over fresh fettuccine.
• Calzones – Calzones are the perfect pizza alternative. If you want a different spin on the classic pizza experience, a Calzone is essentially a pizza pocket you can take with you and eat with ease! The thin dough is filled with your choices of fillings, folded over, and baked, and we have plenty of options to choose from! Like our Smiling Teeth pizza combinations, you can pick one of our creations like the Bada Bing or Meatball heaven, or you can create your own!
At Bucceto’s, we want to give you the very best pizza restaurant experience every time you stop by our Bloomington or Columbus locations. With friendly service, a comfortable atmosphere, and something for the entire family, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn can’t want to see what you’ll try on your next visit!

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