4 Reasons To Order Catering In Columbus For Your Next Celebration

Whether you’re thinking about having a birthday party, a family holiday get together, a sports banquet, or any other sort of gathering, catering in Columbus makes your celebration instantly more successful. Rather than stressing about the loads of prep work involved with throwing a great celebration, you can sit back and enjoy all of the fun and merriment at hand. At Bucceto’s, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn have crafted a vast and varied catering menu that is sure to have something everyone at your celebration will love. No matter if your party is as small as one person or up to 2,0000. We can handle your request. 4 reasons to order catering in Columbus for your next celebration are:
• More room to focus on planning a fun event – When you’re planning any sort of event, food is typically the centerpiece of your celebration. This is where a great deal of your planning will go, and it’ll be a big focal point throughout the entire planning process. With catering in Columbus from Bucceto’s, your food planning is minimal, and you can rest assured that its sure to be a hit.
• Take care of dietary restrictions easily – At sports banquets and birthday parties, you’ll be feeding a lot of guests, some of which may have dietary restrictions. When planning a satisfying to everyone menu, this can be a big point of contention. Our catering menu at Bucceto’s includes gluten free pizza, pasta, desserts, and apps, vegetarian options, and vegetarian options that are also gluten free. With our catering in Columbus, there is an easy menu pick for every dietary need that is sure to be fresh and delicious.
4 Reasons To Order Catering In Columbus For Your Next Celebration• Spend more time having fun – During your event, making sure everyone has brought their assigned dish, finishing up your dish, and setting everything up takes time. Not only does it take time, but it can also be quite stressful while you’re supposed to be having fun. Catering with Bucceto’s makes things simple, and lets you spend more time having a good time.
• Feed as many as you need – Our Bucceto’s catering dishes come in half pan or full pan sizes, and as many can be ordered as you need to satisfy every guest. This means that a smaller family get together of around 8 to 10 people can be satisfied just as easily as a big birthday party with 30 or more guests.

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