4 Reasons To Order Gluten Free Pizza To Celebrate Your Grad

Our gluten free pizza Columbus at Bucceto’s is just the way to celebrate the hard work done by your graduate this year! Graduation parties typically gather together friends and family all at once, and it’s tough to make sure you have something everyone will like and more importantly something that everyone can eat. Our gluten free pizza Columbus at Bucceto’s is both, and here are 4 reasons why it’s just what you’re looking for to treat your grad at a party they’ll never forget:
4 Reasons To Order Gluten Free Pizza To Celebrate Your Grad • Saves you the trouble – Parties should be enjoyed, and when you’re manning the grill, doing the shopping, making the sides, and cleaning up, that doesn’t leave much room for enjoyment. Rather than stressing about party prep, ordering our gluten free pizza Columbus takes care of it all for you in a tasty and satisfying way.
• Pizza everyone can enjoy – Pizza is known to be America’s #1 favorite comfort food, so it’s always a safe bet when feeding a crowd. With millions avoiding gluten due to allergies or intolerances enjoying a pizza can be a little more difficult these days. Our gluten free pizza is made using rice flour crust with no risk of cross-contamination, so you have a dish that everyone likes and one that everyone can eat without worry.
• Catering is easy – At Bucceto’s we keep our catering easy and our gluten free pizza Columbus is part of our simple catering menu. To order our catering for your graduation party simply call us at Bucceto’s, place your order, and we’ll have it ready for you just in time to get picked up hot, fresh, and ready.
• Customize your pies – At Bucceto’s you can opt for our combinations or create your own in making your gluten free pizzas. We have a vast selection of gluten free toppings to choose from so you have a pie for the classic pizza lover, the adventurous eater, the one that needs a little spice, and everyone in between.
Graduation season is coming up quickly and we at Bucceto’s have you covered. We can’t wait to take your call, create your pies, and send you off with a congratulations for your graduate’s big achievement!

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