4 Reasons Why Bucceto’s Is Different From The Other Good Restaurants In Bloomington

The citizens of Bloomington and the surrounding area have some great eats to choose from, and we at Bucceto’s pride ourselves on being one of these good restaurants in Bloomington. So, of all the restaurants in the area, why choose Bucceto’s? We have a few reasons! 4 reasons why Bucceto’s is different from the other good restaurants in Bloomington are:


  • 4 Reasons Why Bucceto’s Is Different From The Other Good Restaurants In BloomingtonWe prioritize wholesome ingredients and real recipes –At Bucceto’s we’re only serving up food that we want to eat ourselves. We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn use wholesome, fresh, and high-quality ingredients in all of our Bucceto’s dishes. This helps us to ensure our real Bucceto’s recipes are experienced only when they’re at their best. A recipe is only as good as the ingredients it’s made up of, so we use the best stuff to make sure our recipes are everything they can be.

  • Great eats for gluten-free patrons – Millions are going gluten-free or cutting down on gluten in the United States and we at Bucceto’s are paying attention. We have gluten free pizza made with rice flour crust, robust sauce, fresh stretchy cheese, and great toppings, gluten free pasta, no gluten entrees, and great gluten-free appetizers and desserts. If you’re looking for a great meal without the gluten, we have just what you’re craving.

  • Vegan pizza that’s always delicious – We can’t cater to the entire Bloomington region without thinking of our vegan customers as well. Our vegan pizza uses vegan cheese and optional vegan sausage to create a pie that tastes as great as any traditional pie. We at Bucceto’s are so confident in our vegan pizza that we’re sure even our non-vegan customers will love it as well!

  • Bringing Bucceto’s to you – We don’t just want you to love our food, we want our food to be accessible and convenient as well. Bucceto’s offers half and full sheet pan catering dishes to bring Bucceto’s to your event, we offer delivery via food delivery services, and picking up in-store or curbside couldn’t be easier. When you want your Bucceto’s, we’re here to get it to you!

We work hard to make our mark as one of the good restaurants in Bloomington and we can’t wait to show you just how we do it. Stop in Bucceto’s today to see what makes us special!

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