4 Tips For Planning The Perfect Business Lunch With Our Gluten Free Restaurants

Business lunches are important. They can help you welcome in new clients, remote workers, and those from different office locations, allowing all parties to be brought together as a family. If you’re planning a business lunch just for team, it’s also an excellent team building opportunity as you all sit together and get to know one another on a personal and professional level. When choosing the perfect venue for a business lunch, you should keep a few things in mind.
Business lunches should be, first and foremost, inclusive. If a member of your party can’t eat the fares offered at a particular location, you’re likely not going to have the satisfying and successful experience you’re looking for. 4 tips for planning the perfect business lunch are the following:
4 Tips For Planning The Perfect Business Lunch With Our Gluten Free Restaurants • Gluten Free And Inclusive – Gluten free restaurants like Bucceto’s are the perfect inclusive location for your business lunches and meetings. We have an extensive menu at both of our establishments, and it includes gluten free pizza, pasta, salads, and more. All of our gluten free fares are bursting with fresh flavors and never come with the risk of cross-contamination. We operate our gluten free restaurants with the utmost care, and we know how serious gluten allergies or intolerances can really be.
• Consider Vegan – Some members of your party may require vegan fares if they’re adhering to a vegan diet, and you don’t want to leave those individuals out either. On top of our extensive no-gluten menus, we also offer vegan pizza with vegan cheese and optional vegan sausage as well as a myriad of fresh, vegan-friendly toppings.
• Go For Atmosphere – The atmosphere of a restaurant plays a big role in the success of your business lunch. At Bucceto’s, we keep things friendly, relaxing, and efficient as we welcome guests at our Bloomington and Columbus locations.
• Consider Catering – If you’re hosting a business lunch at the office, Bucceto’s catering has you covered. With just 24 hours of notice, you can order vegan, no-gluten, and traditional dishes that will be brought to your location hot and ready in time for lunch. We make it easy to bring the Bucceto’s atmosphere right to your workplace.
We have just what you need to host the perfect business lunch. If you would like to impress your clients, visitors, and teammates, stop by Bucceto’s today.

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