4 Unique Pies To Try For Your Next Columbus Pizza Delivery 

Columbus pizza delivery is great for bringing you your favorites, but what about finding a new favorite? At Bucceto’s we love a little creativity and that’s why we have a selection of specialty pizzas we’ve created that we’re sure you’re going to love. 4 unique pies to try for your next Columbus pizza delivery are: 


4 Unique Pies To Try For Your Next Columbus Pizza Delivery

1. Bar 20 – Bar 20 is like a backyard cookout in pizza form! This pie features barbecue sauce, barbecue chicken, red onions, and smoked gouda, giving you a whole cookout in each bite. If you can’t decide between going out for BBQ or grabbing a pizza, Bar 20 ensures you don’t have to. 


2. King of Hearts – If you’re a fan of our spinach and artichoke dip, you won’t be able to get enough of our King of Hearts. This pizza is topped with artichoke hearts, bacon, mushrooms, capers, and whole black olives, so it’s fresh, warm, smokey, and earthy all at once. Remove the bacon and it’s vegetarian friendly! 


3. Cactus Delectus – Sometimes a good pizza just needs a little extra kick, and that’s exactly why we created our Cactus Delectus! This spicy pizza features yellow and red bell peppers, spicy chorizo sausage, chilies, cilantro, and jack cheese. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous with your Columbus pizza delivery, this is a top pick! 


4. Panama Red – Our Panama Red is a favorite for our seafood lovers. This pizza is topped with shrimp, cilantro pesto, red bell peppers, green onions, and jack cheese. The shrimp gives a bit of ocean flavor, while cilantro pesto and red bell peppers provide a cool freshness like a calm sea breeze. Coming in with a salty creamy note is the jack cheese as a bed for the shrimp and pepper toppings, which is then perfectly cut by the earthy flavor of fresh green onion. 


At Bucceto’s we know that your Columbus pizza delivery doesn’t have to be the same old thing. While everyone has their favorites (and they’re favorites for a reason) there’s nothing wrong with giving a chance to something new. If you’re in the mood for something tasty and different tonight, we can’t wait to bring it to you at Bucceto’s