4 Ways To Enjoy The Perfect Summer Ready Vegan Pizza

Our pizza delivery in Bloomington is offering up something pretty unique here at Bucceto’s. We want to bring pizza to everyone in Bloomington, which is a big reason behind why we created our delicious gluten free pizza dishes. Alongside our gluten-free pies we’re now offering vegan pizza complete with vegan cheese, optional vegan sausage, and all of those authentic Bucceto’s flavors you love!
Our vegan pizza is a treat you can enjoy in so many different ways, and 4 ways we recommend enjoying our vegan pizza delivery in Bloomington are:
4 Ways To Enjoy The Perfect Summer Ready Vegan Pizza ▪ Try it with our vegan sausage – Our vegan sausage is made to taste just like the real thing but with none of the animal by-products you don’t want. What we’ve created is a spicy, smoky, salty, and zesty topping that gives your vegan pizza just the kind of depth you’re really looking for in a great pie.
▪ Make it spicy – At Bucceto’s you can also create your own vegan pie, and we have all the toppings those who want a little spice are really after. You can have our vegan sausage, banana peppers, chilies, jalapeno, and chili oil to create a pie that brings the heat bite after bite.
Keep it herbal and earthy – Our vegan cheese works beautifully with herbal and earthy flavors just like it does with spicy flavors. Some of our earthy and herbal toppings include garlic, green pepper, mushrooms, new potato, pine nuts, rosemary, and thyme.
Enjoy it plain – While you can load your vegan pizza up with all of the vegan toppings you like, we like to think our outstanding ingredients do a great job standing on their own. With our robust tomato sauce, crispy crunchy vegan crust, and stretchy and comforting vegan cheese, you don’t have to have any additional toppings to enjoy something really special!
At Bucceto’s we like to think that our vegan pizza is the perfect pizza for any person with any taste! If you’ve never tried our vegan pizza before, call us for our pizza delivery in Bloomington

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