4 Ways To Enjoy Your Pizza Bloomington Leftovers 

When it comes to great pizza, it can be easy for your eyes to grow just a little bit bigger than your stomach! You might want to try loads of different toppings, or you grab a couple of pies, and the next thing you know you’re tapping out after only a couple of slices – and that’s okay! At Bucceto’s our pizza Bloomington is made with fresh, wholesome, and flavorful ingredients, so it tastes just as good the next day at lunch as it did the evening before during dinner. 4 ways to enjoy your pizza Bloomington leftovers from Bucceto’s are: 

  • Traditional oven – If you want your Bucceto’s pizza to taste just like it did when it arrived at your table then the traditional oven is the way to go! To reheat your Bucceto’s simply preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, place your pizza on a foil lined baking sheet, and cook for around 10 minutes to leave it hot, bubbly, and crispy. If you prefer your pizza a bit crispier, you can leave it in longer, if you like it a bit doughier, take it out as soon as it gets warm. 4 Ways To Enjoy Your Pizza Bloomington Leftovers
  • Toaster oven – A toaster oven is another great way to reheat your Bucceto’s, and its usually a little quicker than a conventional oven. The toaster oven is an excellent choice if you’re only reheating a slice or two, so if you’re going for more of the pie the traditional oven might be a better fit. For a toaster oven, set the oven to around 350 and let your pizza cook for between 5 and 10 minutes. Keep an eye on your pizza as it can burn quickly when close to the heating elements! 
  • Microwave – Reheating your Bucceto’s pizza Bloomington in the microwave isn’t going to give you the crispy crust you might crave, but it only takes a couple of minutes! Simply put your slice on a plate, press the buttons to microwave for about 1 minute, and you’re good to go! The cheese will still be stretchy, the toppings delicious, and the pizza hot for a quick lunch. 
  • Dig in cold – Cold pizza is something of an acquired taste, but those who love it really love it! Taking our Bucceto’s pizza and digging in right out of the refrigerator is a quick and different way to enjoy your pie; with some saying it’s a breakfast favorite in particular. 

No matter how you enjoy your leftovers, there’s no right or wrong answer! Stop in for a pie at Bucceto’s in Bloomington today and let us know what your favorite method for leftover pizza is. 

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