5 Bread Based Appetizers To Curb That Carb Craving

When that mid-day slump hits, sometimes you just need a delicious snack to give you that pick me up and get you going again! The Bucceto’s menu has plenty of incredible recipes from our owner Paul Heilbrunn that are perfect for giving you that much-needed carb-boost from comfort foods that get you going from the inside out! 5 bread based appetizers to curb that carb craving are:
5 Bread Based Appetizers To Curb That Carb Craving• Bruschetta – Bruschetta is the epitome of freshness, and you get all the flavor with none of the guilt! Our Bruschetta is made from fresh tomato, garlic, and herbs nestled on pieces of toasted bread, which really packs a punch of fresh flavor in every single bite. If you want to add a little protein to the mix, you can order with or without fresh goat cheese!
• Garlic bread – Garlic bread is a classic pairing with pasta, but it’s also quite delicious in its own right. Our garlic bread uses fresh minced garlic, so you get that fresh garlic flavor you’re really craving. Along with garlic, you also enjoy unsalted butter and a brushing of Italian olive oil.
• Cheesy garlic bread – What isn’t better with cheese? Our garlic bread with cheese has everything you love about garlic bread but with the addition of a layer of hot melty cheese to really hit the spot like only a true comfort food can do.
• Pepperoni bread – Homemade and absolutely crave-worthy, our pepperoni bread is a dish you’ll keep coming back for. Our homemade dough is stuffed with an assortment of fine cheeses and pepperoni, and you get tomato sauce and ranch dressing for making those perfect dips.
• Breadsticks – Homemade breadsticks are a tried and true favorite, and ours really pack in the flavor. If you take your fresh breadsticks plain that’s just fine, but you can play with your flavors as well using ranch, garlic, tomato sauce, and nacho cheese dips.
Some days just call for a little comfort, and our bread-based appetizers are made to give you just that. If you’re looking for some good old-fashioned comfort food, call us at Bucceto’s today to find your new favorite!

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