5 Buccetos Dishes That Pair Perfectly With Wine

At Bucceto’s, you might already know about our beers we have available, but did you know we also offer a wine list? If you’re looking for the perfect Italian restaurant in Bloomington experience, it’s never complete without wine, and we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn want to give you a few ideas on perfect pairings with our menu. Fresh ingredients, plenty of variety, and authenticity keep us as one of the very best Italian restaurant in Bloomington picks the area has to offer, and our wines only bring out the best in our fares. 5 Bucceto’s dishes that pair perfectly with wine are:
• King of Hearts Smiling Teeth Pizza – Starting off with one of our fresh Smiling Teeth pizza combinations, the King of Hearts pizza features artichoke hearts, mushrooms, bacon, whole black olives, and capers. Packed full of fresh and zesty flavors, this pizza works beautifully paired with our Marlborough Estate Sauvignon Blanc, as the fresh “green” flavors of both the pizza and the wine connect to one another seamlessly.
5 Buccetos Dishes That Pair Perfectly With Wine• Beef and Meat Sauce Ravioli – Our Ravioli at Bucceto’s can be enjoyed with beef and meat sauce, cheese and red sauce, or spinach with tomato sauce, but we want to focus on our hearty jumbo beef and meat sauce variety. When digging into this perfect hearty ravioli plate, we suggest sipping a glass of 10 Span Pinot Noir to really dig into the earthy and balanced flavors of the dish.
• Rosemary Cream Chicken – Our Rosemary Cream Chicken is a unique dish to pair with wine, as cream and chicken typically call for a white wine, while rosemary is a flavor typically paired with red. What most don’t know, however, is that rosemary is one of the most wine-friendly herbs out there, allowing it to be really highlighted in different ways and from various angles. We love pairing this dish with our Marlborough Estate Sauvignon Blanc.
• Chicken Marsala – When you think of chicken, you probably think of white wine, but when you think of chicken marsala, you should be thinking red! Our favorite wine to pair with our delicious Chicken Marsala dish is the Gnarley Head Cabernet Sauvignon.
• Spinach and Artichoke Dip – Maybe you’re not eating in for a full meal, and you and your friends simply want to enjoy a few laughs, a few sips, and a few smiles over apps. Our Spinach and Artichoke dip is a perfect warm and cozy appetizer to enjoy as a group, and one that goes really nicely with our Filadonna Pinot Grigio.

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