5 Gluten Free Dinner Options At Our Gluten Free Restaurants

True gluten free restaurants can be difficult to come by for those who desire or need a good gluten free menu. With millions across the United States going gluten free due to allergy or intolerance the demand for gluten free is higher than ever before. We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn want to keep Bucceto’s a place that can be enjoyed by everyone and this means developing a complete and delicious gluten free menu that has a little something on it for everybody. 5 gluten free dinner options you can find at our gluten free restaurants are:
5 Gluten Free Dinner Options At Our Gluten Free Restaurants▪ Gluten free pizzas – Our gluten free pizzas are a shining star on our gluten free menu! We create our pizzas using a rice flour dough for the crust, so you have the same crunch, flavor, and texture without any worry about cross contamination. Topping our gluten free pizza is our sauce, cheese, and your choice of any number of gluten free toppings you might like. Aren’t feeling creative or inspired when creating your own pizza? Try one of our gluten free friendly signature creations!
▪ Gluten free pasta – Pasta is one of America’s favorite comfort foods and it can be difficult for those requiring gluten-free foods to find pasta they can really enjoy. Our gluten free spaghetti is delicious and fresh and it can be topped with any one of our gluten free sauces and optional proteins. You get the comforting, hearty, and delicious pasta dishes you want but without gluten induced illness or side effects.
▪ Hot sandwiches – Our hot sandwiches can be served on gluten free bread to give you the perfect dinner (or lunch) without worry. Hot Italian Subs, Meatball sandwiches, Ham & Cheese classics, and Spinach Artichoke sandwiches are on the menu for our gluten-free patrons at Bucceto’s.
▪ Chicken entrees – Sometimes you’re in the mood for that true home-cooked taste but you’re not really feeling pasta or something quite so heavy. For this we have Chicken Marsala, Venezia Chicken, Chicken Torino, and Baked Roman Holiday – all fresh, wholesome, delicious, and completely gluten free.
▪ Soups and salads – Maybe you don’t want something too filling or too big for dinner, and you’re looking for something fresher and lighter but still tasty. Our fresh salads and homemade soups aren’t just for lunch, they also make the perfect lightweight gluten-free dinners!
Our gluten-free menu in our gluten free restaurants comes to you plentiful and delicious but without any of the gluten you don’t want. Are you looking for gluten free restaurants you can enjoy in Bloomington and Columbus? Stop by Bucceto’s to see our menu today!

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