5 Gluten Free Pizza Combinations Perfect For Your Summer Parties

Our gluten free pizza in Bloomington and Columbus never lacks flavor, so having it on its own with a layer of tasty cheese and delicious sauce is going to be a pleasing experience. However, what if you’re looking for something a little spicier? A little sweeter? Or a little out of the ordinary? We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn have made sure to provide a complete list of excellent gluten-free toppings to make your gluten free pizza even better. Creating your own pizza combination is easy, and it gives you a way to enjoy gluten free pizza every day of the week or month without experiencing the same flavors twice! Need a little inspiration? 5 gluten free pizza combinations we think will be perfect for all of your summer parties are:
• Spicy and exciting – We have a bevy of toppings that will help you to create the perfect pizza for the spice lovers in your life. Chorizo, hot Italian sausage, chili oil, chilies, hot Italian sausage, and jalapeños are just some of the ingredients you can pick from to make your own spicy pie. While it may not be the best pick for the kids at the party, there’s sure to be plenty of parents who love pizza with a kick!
• Delightfully fresh – The summer time is the perfect time to try some new and fresh flavors. Our fresh basil, basil pesto, broccoli, green peppers, green onions, feta cheese, spinach, rosemary, and thyme toppings give you the perfect palette to choose from so you can bring in all of those fresh flavors you love in every bite.
• A touch of sweet – When it comes to pizza, sweet is the perfect touch to blend in with the salty note of the cheese to create a completely balanced flavor profile. For something a little sweeter, your pizza combination can include pecans, pineapple, pine nuts, or onion marmalade.
• Ultimate earthiness – Earthy flavors blend really well with pizza, and give you a really beautifully rustic taste you’re sure to love. When creating your own earthy combination, we suggest toppings like mushroom, pine nuts, new potato, smoked gouda, and our onion marmalade.
5 Gluten Free Pizza Combinations Perfect For Your Summer Parties• Vegan friendly – You can go gluten-free and vegan friendly in the same pizza when you combine our vegan cheese, vegan sausage, and any number of our vegan-friendly vegetable toppings. Not only will this ensure the gluten free crowd is pleased, but that the vegan partygoers have the perfect pizza as well.
If you’re looking for gluten free pizza for your next summertime party, we have just what you need at Bucceto’s. Stop in or give us a call to make your perfect combination a reality!

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