5 Good Reasons To Grab A Salad For Lunch

There is no wrong time to enjoy a crisp and refreshing salad. While we have some of the best Indiana pizza, we also have fresh offerings like our lunch salad and lunch Greek salad made from a menagerie of fresh delicious vegetables, cheese, and homemade dressings. 5 good reasons to grab a salad for lunch this week are: 


1. A great source of fiber – Too few of us get enough fiber each day, causing our body to have to work with a near constant deficit. The mix of vegetables in a fresh salad help to give your fiber intake a boost, which helps the body in a number of ways. Fiber helps to lower bad cholesterol, it can help to control blood sugar, it maintains a healthy weight balance, and it aids in overall digestion. 


2. Improve your skin – The fresh vegetables in salad contain high levels of water, and this helps to improve the hydration we keep in our bodies. Hydration doesn’t only work to help us feel better, it also helps us to look better, too. With proper hydration, you can help to give your skin glow and elasticity a healthy boost. 


3. Make sure to get your vegetables – Like fiber, too few people make sure to eat their recommended amount of vegetables each day. Eating a salad is really allowing yourself to enjoy the fresh flavors of fresh veggies, and you may not even realize that’s just what you’re doing. When you take advantage of Bucceto’s Bloomington delivery for lunch and get a fresh salad, you’ll worry less about what veggies you’ll need to have with dinner! 


5 Good Reasons To Grab A Salad For Lunch 4. Weight control – When you enjoy a salad as an appetizer before lunch or dinner, you’re more likely to avoid over-eating when you get to the main course. The fiber in salad helps you to feel full and satisfied, reminding you not to eat too much too quickly and saving you some extra calories. Because you don’t eat too much too quickly, you’re also left feeling better for the rest of the day. 


5. Aid your healthy fat intake – A fresh salad and the fiber within it can also give all of the other foods you eat throughout the day a healthy boost. Fiber helps the body to better absorb other nutrients, like healthy fats, so your body actually gets more out of what you put into it. Additionally, our Bucetto’s house-made dressings like Italian and Vinaigrette use oils that are best absorbed when enjoyed with all of the nutrients our salads pack in. Our ranch is also rated number 1 by our customers. 


There is no wrong time for something fresh and clean, and that’s just what our salads pride themselves on. If you’re looking for something simple and guilt-free for lunch this week, order online today! 

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