5 Occasions That Call For Our Catering In Bloomington

We take pride in having a vast catering menu at Bucceto’s. With such catering possibilities, we’re able to serve the entire Bloomington region with all of their catering needs, even catering to those with dietary restrictions or different catering needs. Catering isn’t just for fancy events, and there are a number of occasions that may call for catering that you might not think of initially. 5 occasions that call for our catering in Bloomington include:
5 Occasions The Call For Our Catering In Bloomington • Birthday party – When you think of a birthday party, what food do you think of first? For us, that answer is definitely pizza! Our Bucceto’s catering in Bloomington doesn’t skip our incredible pizzas, and you may even opt for Smiling Teeth gourmet pizzas, our gluten-free pizza, or our vegan pizza to cater to different guest dietary needs or tastes. You don’t have to choose pizza, of course, and having a more formal multi-course meal is an option as well.
• Sports banquet – With fall sports just starting up with the new school year, you might not be thinking about those end of season banquets just yet. However, we all know how quickly the end of the season creeps up, and before you know it it’s sure to be just a couple of weeks away. Our catering in Bloomington can feed every parent, child, coach, and guest with a variety of options perfectly banquet ready.
• Business luncheon – Having out of town clients or partners come in for meetings? Getting the whole company together for a special luncheon is a perfect way to really connect. Our catering in Bloomington can be brought right to your local office, and carries with it all the fares you need to surely impress those important guests.
• Holiday guests – The holidays creep up quickly, and you don’t have to spend days or weeks prepping for that big family gathering. Our catering in Bloomington takes care of your big meal for you, and includes authentic Italian variety that your guests are sure to love. Not just the savory stuff, our desserts make the perfect final finish to a great family gathering meal.
• Housewarmings and showers – Baby showers, bridal showers, and housewarming parties occur at all points in the year, and these are occasions that need celebrating! Our catering in Bloomington can work with you to set up the perfect menu for any of these events, and bring your food right to your door.
To order catering in Bloomington for any event, the process is simple. Just take a look at our menu, call within 24 hours or more, and your catering will be ready when you need it.

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