5 Reasons To Eat Salads Regularly

When it comes to places to eat in Bloomington, it’s important to look for a great restaurant that offers a lot of variety. At Bucceto’s, that’s just what we’re serving up, and we have more than just your standard Italian pizza and pasta picks. Our menu also boasts a vast array of salads to enjoy, and there are plenty of benefits associated with having yourself a salad on a regular basis. If you want places to eat in Bloomington for lunch, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn know our salads will be just what you’re looking for. 5 reasons to eat salads regularly include:


  • A natural source of healthy fiber – Leafy greens and raw veggies, like those found in our Spring Mix or Antipasto salads, are perfect for giving your body the fiber it really needs. Fiber helps to control your blood sugar, it lowers bad cholesterol, it normalizes digestion, and it helps you to feel fuller for longer.

  • 5 Reasons To Eat Salads RegularlyNutritional benefit of healthy fruit and vegetables – It’s no secret that the average American diet is severely lacking in healthy fruits and vegetables. These food picks are full of essential nutrients the body really needs, and we deprive ourselves of them when our diets don’t include enough. With healthy salads at Bucceto’s, you can rest assured that you’re supplying your body with the good stuff.

  • Building up strong bones – In women, low Vitamin K levels are strongly linked to lower bone density. Spinach, a common salad ingredient and a main ingredient in our Bucceto’s Greek Salad, is a known tasty source of this crucial vitamin. In just 1 cup of spinach, one can find 170% of a day’s value of Vitamin K.

  • Improve hydration and skin tone – Many lack hydration every day and hardly know it, but they may be able to see it in their face. The water levels inside of salad vegetables is a great source of healthy hydration, and may help to improve your skin tone naturally.

  • Appetizer salads help you to keep your portions under control – Due to the fiber in salad greens and vegetables, you’re like to feel comfortably satisfied after eating one. A small salad eaten before your main course can be the perfect portion control tool.

Our salads at Bucceto’s are always fresh and always tasty. Stop in today to see how much you love incorporating salad into your diet!

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