5 Reasons To Order Delivery

Bucceto’s Bloomington delivery is here when you need us! Sometimes time slips away and sometimes you simply don’t feel like putting too much effort into a great meal, and in these times there’s no better time to call up your spot for Indiana’s best pizza and have them bring it to you. 5 reasons to order delivery this week are: 


1. You forgot lunch at work – Busy days don’t always allow for running out, and you should never go hungry! When you’ve forgotten your lunch at home, and now you’re stuck at work with a grumbling belly, Bloomington delivery is here to save the day. If you and your team are working particularly hard, a pizza to share serves as a perfect pick-me-up treat. Order online today:

Click here for our East 3rd store

Click here for our West 3rd store

Click here for our Columbus store


5 Reasons To Order Delivery2. You’re busy binge-watching – No one wants to take a break from the world of their favorite show during a binge watch! When you’re hours deep into binging the latest season of one of today’s hottest shows, our delivery has your sustenance needs covered. Call in a pizza, a pasta dish, a salad, or some dessert and all you’ll need to do is take is a short pause break to meet your driver and serve up your eats. 


3. You’re not feeling well – With cold and flu season upon us, few things are more comforting than a nice bowl of soup. Unfortunately, going out means getting dressed while you’re feeling lousy and potentially exposing others to germs, so how will you get the food your body needs? Our Bloomington delivery can help you out and bring your Pasta Fagole or Tomato Basil right to your door. 


4. You’re not great at making what you’re craving – If you can’t stop thinking about calzones, but you’re not great at making your own, you don’t have to go without! Bucceto’s Bloomington delivery will bring your calzone with all the fixings right to your front door. 


5. You want what you don’t have – If you’re craving lasagna and get home to find out you don’t have all of the ingredients, you don’t have to run to the grocery store, come home, unpack your groceries, and only then start cooking. Instead, give us a call and enjoy delicious authentic lasagna without any of the stress and worry. 


Delivery simply makes things easy! Whether you’re in your pajamas, you just don’t have time, or going out seems like too much work, delivery brings all the delights you want right to your door. If you’re thinking about taking it easy with some delivery this week, check out our Bucceto’s menu! 

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