5 Reasons To Save Room For Dessert

Bucceto’s might be serving up the best pizza in Indiana, but that doesn’t mean we support filling up before its time for dessert! Our Bucceto’s desserts have a little something for everybody; from our NYC Carnegie Deli Cheesecake shipped in from the authentic famous delicatessen in New York, to Tiramisu imported from Italy, Paul Heilbrunn and all of us at Bucceto’s want to give you just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. 5 reasons to save room for dessert are:
• Chocolate can help to lower blood pressure – According to a 2011 study by Harvard University, a few bites of dark chocolate may help your body to lower blood pressure. Dark chocolate, like that used in our Chocolate Torte, is naturally rich in cocoa with flavonoids, which may aid in easing inflammation.
• Puts you in the mood for romance – If you’re out on a date, it’s always recommended to order dessert! The Smell and Taste Research Center of Chicago performed a study in 2010 on the scent of baked goods and the effect they have on the body, which yielded some interesting results. Not only did they find that simply smelling dessert helps to lower stress and anxiety, but it also may act as an aphrodisiac that puts you in the mood to get flirty!
• Savoring can keep you slim – When we savor what we’re eating, we’re likely to eat less while feeling more satisfied. Humans are more likely to savor each bite when they enjoy the taste of their food, and a delicious dessert is the perfect example of this theory at work! Rather than scarfing down a snack you might not really love, enjoy each bite of our Tiramisu or Layer Carrot Cake and see just how quickly you satiate that craving!
5 Reasons To Save Room For Dessert - Bucceto’s Desserts• Give your meal the finale it deserves – After you’ve had a great meal, why not wrap it up with the perfect finishing touch? Just like how a present needs a bow, your dessert is the bow on the experience of enjoying a meal at Bucceto’s!
• Treat yourself – We spend much of our lives busy, scurrying around, and watching what we eat. While hard work is great, it can lead to burnout, and little treats are what we use to keep ourselves motivated and feeling good. Our fresh, unique, and delicious desserts at Bucceto’s might be just what you’re looking for when you deserve that pick-me-up!
After chowing down on the best pizza in Indiana, why not wrap up your experience in the right way? If you have a sweet tooth, we’d love to satisfy it; just call us today at Bucceto’s to see what sweet treats we have fresh for you!

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