5 Reasons Why Bucceto’s Catering Is The Perfect Choice For New Years Parties

Ringing in the New Year is all about celebration, and there’s no time to scurry around preparing and cleaning up when you’re busy celebrating! Bucceto’s and our owner Paul Heilbrunn think catering your New Years party with some of the very best pizza in Indiana is the way to go, and there’s a few other reasons why Bucceto’s catering is truly the perfect choice. 5 reasons to call up Bucceto’s to cater your New Years party are:
Don’t spend all day preparing – Whether you’re having 5 friends over, or 25 members of your friends and family, you’re going to have to feed them and entertain them throughout the night. This will mean making several courses, which takes quite a bit of time, as well as tidying up the house after the holidays, getting ready yourself, and getting accomplished anything else you may need to do. When you order catering with Bucceto’s, we take care of every course, and all you need to do is come by and pick it up!
Start 2019 without a sink full of dishes – Hosting a New Years party, and preparing food for that party, will mean making quite the mess. What you’re left with is kicking off 2019 doing a sink full of dishes, on top of tidying up everything else after the party. When you choose catering with Bucceto’s, you lessen your dish load significantly, and depending on the plates, knives, forks, napkins, and cups you choose, you may even eliminate it altogether!
Impress your friends – New Year’s parties usually have impressive themes, which makes sense when you’re trying to wrap up 2018 and ring in 2019 right. Bring in fresh flavors and something new with a few of your favorite Bucceto’s pizza, pasta, and entrée favorites.
5 Reasons Why Bucceto’s Catering Is The Perfect Choice For New Years PartiesCatering is quick – In order to order catering for your New Years party, simply call your local Bucceto’s 24 hours or longer before your party day. This means if you decide to have a last minute shindig, we have you covered, or if you simply start running out of time with an already busy schedule, we’ll take care of your food for you!
Show your guests a new favorite – Catering from Bucceto’s not only gives you something delicious, but it shows your guests something delicious as well! If your guests just can’t get enough, this can even begin new traditions with friends and family spending special occasions at Bucceto’s enjoying that food over and over again.
Catering for New Years is the easy, delicious, quick, convenient, and fresh way to go for your big party. If you’re interested in having us feed you for the New Year, call us at your local Bucceto’s today!

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