5 Reasons Why You Should Go Out For No Gluten Pizza Today

No gluten pizza not only tastes delicious, it also pleases the whole family! If you’re planning to have a family dinner this week, or you’re entertaining friends, we have 5 reasons why you should go out for no gluten pizza today:
• Save the cleanup – Family dinners and dinner parties are fun, but when everyone goes home and you have a quiet moment…it’s time to get the cleaning done. A sink full of dishes, a messy table, spills on the countertops, and scrubbing pots and pans are no fun, and it’s much nicer to have a few moments to relax instead. Going out for no gluten pizza at Bucceto’s means no cleanup for you, and more time to wind down after a great meal.
• Please everyone – It’s tough to please everyone at dinner, but no gluten pizza does just that. Cater to all dietary needs while enjoying a dish everyone is sure to love. You can opt for a Smiling Teeth pizza full of fresh new flavor profiles, or build your own to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.
• No prep time – Time spent on a family dinner or dinner party isn’t reserved to the cleanup – you also have to prep and cook the meal you’re having. Preparing a dinner can take an hour or more, and after a busy day you might be simply too tired to really enjoy it. Bucceto’s no gluten pizza doesn’t require any extra prep work, and you can really embrace your relaxation time.
5 Reasons Why You Should Go Out For No Gluten Pizza Today• Try something new – Our Smiling Teeth pizzas also come in no gluten pizza varieties, so you can try something new without worry of inadvertently consuming gluten. From the hearty Campfire Smiling Teeth Pizza to the fresh and flavorful Shrimp Santori, today could be the day you find your new favorite dish.
• Dinner without worry – For those with Celiac disease and serious gluten sensitivities, every meal can come with worry. For this reason, many may opt to simply prepare, eat, and cleanup dinner at home because they know the stress of cooking is better than the worry of accidentally consuming gluten. At Bucceto’s you have no stress and no worry as all of our no gluten pizzas are made completely gluten and worry free.

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