5 Steps To The Perfect Movie Night With Pizza Delivery In Columbus 

Movie nights are great date nights, family nights, and nights spent with friends. Getting dressed in your comfiest clothes, grabbing a favorite pillow and blanket, and camping out on the couch to watch movies in your own home “theater” is the ultimate way to kick back and relax while having a great time with anyone. At Bucceto’s, our Pizza delivery in Columbus is here to make your movie night complete, and we have 5 steps to build the perfect movie night for any occasion: 


Bucceto’s is making movie night even more memorable with our pizza delivery in Columbus.

Pick out your movie list – Whether you’re watching 1 movie, 2 movies, or making a marathon of it, the first step is picking out just what you’re going to be showing. For a date night, maybe a couple of funny rom-coms or something suspenseful, for a friend night perhaps a few of your favorite comedies, and family movie nights are perfect for those family friendly classics. 


Plan out your menu – At Bucceto’s, our pizza delivery in Columbus is more than just pizza delivery. We have appetizers, pizzas, and desserts to fill out your movie night menu from beginning to end. 


Grab your comfiest clothes – Who wants to have a movie night wearing something you’re not comfortable in? Before you settle in to feast and watch, put on your favorite sweats, your fuzziest socks, and your coziest sweatshirt. 


Set up some activities to break up the watch party – If you’re planning to watch more than one movie, be prepared to break it up to keep everyone engaged and interested. A little movie trivia is a great way to bring the excitement back and get you ready to watch the next film! 


Set it all up in front of the TV – TV trays or coffee tables, plates, napkins, silverware, and drinks should be set up for eating, and then pillows and blankets ready for the relaxation afterwards. Having everything right in the living room when everyone walks in is a great way to “decorate” for your relaxing watch party. 


At Bucceto’s, our pizza delivery in Columbus is here to make your next movie night even more memorable. Check us out on GrubHub today to see just what we can offer for your next cozy gathering! 

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