5 Unique Pizza Toppings You Can Find At Bucceto’s

There’s never a wrong night for a pizza night, and we at Bucceto’s encourage our Bloomington and Columbus customers to really embrace everything that pizza is or that pizza can be. While we have all your classic favorite toppings at Bucceto’s, we also feature some additional toppings that you may not have tried on a pizza before. When you give these new topping options a try, you learn to love pizza in a whole new way. 5 unique pizza toppings you can find at Bucceto’s are:
5 Unique Pizza Toppings You Can Find At Bucceto’s • Cilantro – Cilantro is something you’re probably more used to seeing on Mexican restaurant menus, not Italian pizza menus. However, we really love what cilantro brings to pizza and how you can play with its fresh flavor using other toppings. We suggest trying cilantro on your pizza complemented by chilies and onion.
• Pine nuts – When you think of your favorite pizza toppings, there’s a good chance that pine nuts doesn’t hit the top of that list. Not because they’re not good, but only because it’s unlikely you’ve really given them a shot on pizza before! We love pine nuts on pizza, especially when they’re paired with basil pesto.
• New potato – Pizza is already a comfort food, so why not pair it with another favorite comfort food for double the goodness? When building a delicious pizza around new potatoes, we suggest trying it out with onion marmalade, thyme, mushroom, and bacon for smoky, salty, comforting satisfaction.
• Pecans – Pecans might make a lovely dessert pie, but they also make quite the pizza pie as well! When combined with greens like spinach, the buttery rich flavor of pecans really mixes well with all of the flavor profiles found naturally in pizza.
• Clams – At Bucceto’s, we also love the unique flavor that fresh clams bring to a great pizza. We love paring clams with onion marmalade, mushrooms, and fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme for a rustic seafood spin on a comfort food favorite.
At Bucceto’s, the sheer number of unique ingredients we offer gives you something to play with when creating your perfect pizza pie. Whether you’re going for a classic, or you’re looking to transform pizza as you know it, you can always trust your experience will be fresh and tasty at Bucceto’s!

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