5 Ways You Can Enjoy Pizza Without Cheating

Getting fit and staying healthy is important to everyone. But when you see all of the great pizza options at Buccetto’s, it’s hard to say no to a slice. After all, we have the best pizza in Bloomington and the surrounding area. But did you know that even if you’re on a diet or nutrition plan, you can still find ways to fit some pizza into your life without totally destroying your path to fitness?
It’s true, and while we offer the best pizza in Columbus, Bloomington, and all of Indiana, we still take pride in being able to offer options that work even for those on a diet. If you’re craving Puccini’s Pizza, you can enjoy it without cheating. Here are 5 ways to do just that.
• Eat Small – We know it’s not easy to do when you’re eating the best pizza in Indiana, but to keep yourself from ruining your diet plan, consider having only one or two slices instead of half a pie. Smaller portions are easier to balance out with exercise and won’t completely reverse the good you’re doing.
• Make It Your Cheat Meal – Most nutrition plans allow for a cheat day here and there. So, if you’re craving our delicious pizza, why not make it your ‘cheat day’ meal? This way, it’s not really cheating since it’s allowed!
• Choose Wisely – We offer gluten free pizza, vegetarian toppings, and delicious salads as well. When you place your order, consider doing so with this in mind and get something that isn’t just loaded with meats and 3x cheese.
5 Ways You Can Enjoy Pizza Without Cheating• Work It Out – If you indulge in pizza, all you really need to do in order to offset the extra calories is increase your exercise routine to offset it. Add an extra mile to your jog, and you’ll likely reduce the impact of a pizza. Trust us – our pizza’s worth the extra effort!
• All in Moderation! – We know it’s kind of covered in the first tip above, but moderation really is the key to getting healthier. As long as you don’t load up on deserts, extra pastas, and extra breads, a slice or two of pizza will likely be okay for most nutrition plans. You’ll have to use your own judgment here, of course, but just be sensible.
If you love pizza like we do, trying to eliminate it completely from your diet just isn’t something that’s reasonable. Luckily, the tips above can make it easier to fit it into your nutrition plan without cheating entirely. And when you’re ready for the best pizza in Indiana, we’re ready to deliver! Contact us today to place an order, or stop by to dine in and enjoy your pizza free from guilt.

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