6 Reasons To Order Takeout Tonight

Can’t decide what you want for dinner? Simple answer – order takeout! Bucceto’s and our owner Paul Heilbrunn have plenty of good reasons why tonight is a great takeout night, and how your family can have a great time having pizza and pasta at home! We have the best pizza in Bloomington, and our Indiana pizza is only better when you have your favorite pasta dish on the side! 6 reasons to order carryout from Bucceto’s are: 


1. Everyone gets what they want – It’s rare that a family can all decide on one single dish, and with carryout from Bucceto’s, you don’t have to! Everyone gets just what they want, and our pizza and pasta dishes are perfect for sharing. We love the idea of getting a few dishes, and passing them around family style! 


2. Have leftovers ready for later – With carryout, you can get as much as you want of whatever you want. If you want some leftovers for later in the night or something to take in for lunch the next day, carryout gives you just that. Don’t want to reheat later? Eat it all up and feel no guilt for doing so! 


6 Reasons To Order Takeout Tonight 3. Watch your favorite shows and movies – If you want to enjoy your favorite foods while watching your favorite shows and movies, there’s no better way than ordering some carryout and taking it home to your favorite chair. You can even gather up the kids, put on that new movie they’ve been dying to see, and enjoy some quality time as a family together! 


4. Eat when and how you’re comfortable – You can’t really go to a restaurant in your pajamas, but you can eat in whatever you’d like when you get carryout from Bucceto’s! After picking up some of Indiana’s best pizza, change back into your comfy clothes when you get home, curl up in your chair, and live your best life while you eat your best slice.


5. Kick back and relax – Sometimes after a long day, having to further interact with the public can be exhausting. Getting carryout is the perfect way to find a little comfort while you enjoy a much needed moment of quiet after a long, busy, and stressful day. 


6. Take your time – Sometimes you want to eat on your own time, and carryout is the perfect opportunity for savoring each and every bite! If you want to eat a little, wait a while, and then eat the rest, it’s all on your time! 


Have all the pizza you want, all the pasta you want, and all the delicious authentic Italian desserts you want in your own way! If you can’t decide what the family is having for dinner tonight, we suggest ordering your favorites for carryout from our Bucceto’s menu today! 

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