A Different Sort Of Night In With Our Italian Restaurant In Bloomington 

Our Italian restaurant in Bloomington is the place to be for a great night out, but that’s not all we offer. If you’re planning a great night in for a movie marathon, a game night with friends, or a dinner party done without all the prep, let us make a suggestion for a little something different! 


Some of our takeout and delivery classics are our pizzas, which come in traditional, vegan, and no gluten varieties, our pasta dishes, and our sandwiches, but if you’re planning to mingle with a group, we’ve got something even better on our menu. Our Bucceto’s traditional and gluten-free appetizers are a star of our Italian restaurant in Bloomington menu, and they’re perfect for setting a complete table where everyone can pick, choose, and nibble as they please. There’s no rule that you have to order just one or two, you can grab one of everything, set them all out on the table, and join your guests on a tasting experience no one is going to forget! 


For a fresh and tasty option, we can’t get enough of our bruschetta. This appetizer features traditional or gluten-free toasts topped with fresh tomato, fresh grated garlic, herbs, and optional goat cheese, so they’re perfect for picking up and snacking without making any sort of mess. Cool and refreshing, it’s the perfect mingling appetizer as we move into the warmer months. 


If you’re having an appetizer only dinner party, you’re going to have to grab something hearty and filling. Our spicy meatballs are served with individual crostini for dipping, so every guest can grab a piece, take a dip, and enjoy a true Italian restaurant in Bloomington comfort food that’s always satisfying. 


You have a refreshing option, a hearty option, now it’s time for something that sits kind of in the middle. For that happy medium option, we love our Scamorza! This appetizer features a bed of warm tomatoes and herbs, but it’s topped with melted smoked mozzarella to bring the hearty side to a plate of delicious fresh ingredients. To enjoy the Scamorza, we have individual toasts for dipping so it’s always party friendly. 


At Bucceto’s we’re always looking for ways to keep our customers fed and entertained just a little bit differently. Whether it’s vegan pizza delivery, or an appetizer-only dinner party, let us know how we can impress your guests today!