A Gluten Free Night Out At Our Italian Restaurant In Bloomington

Gluten free and Italian restaurant aren’t always two things associated with one another, but we’re flipping the script at Bucceto’s! At our Italian restaurant in Bloomington, we’re the night out destination for all hungry area residents or visitors, and this includes the gluten-free crowd. Our gluten-free menu covers it all, and we want to give you an example of how your gluten free night out at our Italian restaurant in Bloomington may look. 


A Gluten Free Night Out At Our Italian Restaurant In Bloomington

Starting with an appetizer is the perfect way to settle into our atmosphere and ready yourself for an excellent meal. If you’re up for something fresh and light, we suggest our bruschetta. Served on no gluten toasted bread, we top each bite with fresh tomato, garlic, herbs, and optional goat cheese for the perfect Italian flavor every time. Our bruschetta is for those fresh moments, but if you’re looking for a cozy one, we have that covered at our Italian restaurant in Bloomington, too. For something warm, hearty, and full of comfort food perfection, our spicy meatballs are exactly what you’re looking for. You can enjoy them on gluten-free toast or dig right in with your fork! 


Once you’re done with your starter, it’s time to dig into your main course. Our gluten-free customers are met with no shortage of options at Bucceto’s. We have our gluten-free pizza made with fresh rice flour crust, our no gluten spaghetti made in an entirely gluten-free facility, our sandwiches on gluten-free bread, and even low-carb no gluten chicken dinners for customers who want to indulge without feeling too indulgent.


When you’re all finished with your entrée, you don’t have to stop there. Like any great traditional Italian restaurant in Bloomington experience, we love wrapping it up with something sweet and delicious. For our sweet tooth having customers we have two gluten-free options. First is our chocolate torte, which is a flourless and decadent treat topped with a dark chocolate drizzle and buttery pecans. Next, we have our gluten-free and vegan cheesecake, a sweet, creamy, and delicious slice of cheesecake perfect for our vegan and no gluten customers alike. 


At Bucceto’s, we always offer up a complete meal experience to our traditional, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan customers. If you’re looking for an Italian restaurant in Bloomington to serve your entire party, see what we’re cooking up for you right here!