A History Of Great Lasagna

Lasagna is a great pick the next time you opt for Bloomington food delivery. It’s a classic Italian comfort food, it’s packed to the gills with rich flavor, and it’ll fill you up and keep you satisfied making it the perfect pasta dinner. However, do you know the long history of your Bloomington food delivery lasagna? Our traditional Italian lasagna at Bucceto’s might seem like a piece of natural perfection, but this food has a very long and storied history.
A History Of Great Lasagna Lasagna is typically credited to Italy, and while it’s true that Italy perfected the dish, it’s actually a meal that has traveled around quite a bit. Lasagna is derived from the Greek word “Laganon”, and it’s actually the first known form of pasta ever made. It is believed that the first lasagna dishes were developed back in ancient Greece, making lasagna a pasta dish that has been enjoyed for literally thousands of years.
Where lasagna traveled to between that time in ancient Greece to the middle ages isn’t too well known, but the next mention of lasagna occurs in the 1390’s and not in Italy but medieval Britain. British researches have discovered a cookbook of recipes dating back to the late 14th century with a very early lasagna recipe, using the noodles quite a bit differently than what we know today. This recipe is considered to be the first official lasagna recipe, but it took the dish’s trip to Italy to truly experience perfection.
Lasagna may have had its roots in Greece and its first incarnations in Britain, but it’s the dish’s popularity in Italy that helped it to truly develop. During the 16th century, Italian people were crazy about lasagna, and incorporated it into both sweet and savory dishes as needed. A savory blend of cheeses, meats, and tomato sauce would be the dinnertime choice, while a mix of cinnamon and sugar would be key ingredients in lasagna desserts.
The next time you order a perfect Bucceto’s lasagna dish for Bloomington food delivery, take a moment to appreciate just the journey lasagna has made throughout history. Craving lasagna now? Stop in and enjoy some of ours today!

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