A Pizza Restaurant For Everyone

Pizza is far and away America’s number one choice for comfort food, but traditional pizza isn’t the most inclusive dish. Sure, you can opt for a pizza with plant-based toppings to suit vegetarian and traditional tastes, but what about the gluten free members of your party? What about those who adhere to a vegan diet? At Bucceto’s we believe that pizza should be for everyone, and we strive to provide exactly that at our pizza restaurant in Bloomington and in Columbus. With such an inclusive establishment, entire parties can come together, enjoy spending time with one another, and dig into pizza that they can truly find comfort in with no guilt or worry.
A Pizza Restaurant For EveryoneAt Bucceto’s our gluten free pizza is made using rice flour crust, which allows us to confidently make pizzas with no risk of cross contamination. The symptoms experienced by those with gluten intolerances or allergies can be severe, and we want your pizza restaurant experience to be one you think only fondly of! On top of our rice flour crust is our delicious wholesome sauce, stretchy salty cheese, and your choice of any toppings you like. You can opt for a gluten free version of one of our pizza combinations, or create your own pizza for the exact taste you’re looking for.
We don’t stop at gluten free at Bucetto’s. Our vegan pizza, now available at both our Bloomington and Columbus pizza restaurant locations, features a pie that uses no animal by-products and instead focuses purely on plant based alternatives from the crust to the toppings. Alongside our vegetable toppings, we also offer vegan sausage with the same saltiness, zing, and texture you love from traditional sausage. Your toppings of choice rest on top of vegan cheese, our wholesome sauce, and your perfectly crispy crunchy crust.
While we have gluten free pizza, vegan pizza, and vegetarian pizza toppings, we also have the perfect traditional pies. By offering such an inclusive menu, we can rest assured that we’re treating every customer that comes through our doors with only the best comfort food pizza experience! Craving America’s favorite comfort food tonight? Come on by and try one of our pizzas at Bucceto’s!

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