A Sandwich And A Cold One Make For The Perfect Summertime Lunch

Summer Fridays are made for tasty sandwiches, cold beer, and kicking back to relax after a long week! While having a great sandwich and a cold one on a Friday afternoon is something we highly support at Bucceto’s, we also believe that there’s no wrong day to enjoy this perfect summertime lunch experience. The best restaurants in Bloomington are set out to give you a full experience, to really help you to refresh at any time of the day, and that’s just what we’re doing here at Bucceto’s.
As one of the best restaurants in Bloomington, we have a little bit of everything when it comes to great sandwich and beer pairings, and all of our sandwiches are positively loaded up with fresh and wholesome ingredients. A few sandwich and beer pairings we can’t get enough of this summer are:
A Sandwich And A Cold One Make For The Perfect Summertime Lunch▪ Italian sub and Bud Light – There is a reason why the classics are the classics. To start off right, we love pairing our hot Italian sub with a classic light lager like Bud Light. Every sip cleanses and refreshes the palate, but the flavor is never too much to compete with the flavor profile of the sandwich. You have salty, a little spicy, tangy, and fresh in each and every bite. The result? The ultimate in lunchtime satisfaction!
▪ Chicken Parmesan with Michelob Ultra – Going with another classic, we love pairing a hearty Chicken Parmesan with an ice-cold Michelob Ultra. A light lager like Bud Light, Michelob has distinct citrus notes that really refresh after each bite of the brawny and substantial sandwich. Never too much, it’s the perfect balance of delicate flavor and heart.
▪ Meatball Sub and Pabst Blue Ribbon – Our Meatball Sub is a substantial sandwich. The sweetness of the marinara, the salt and fat of the cheese, and the heartiness of the beef means you’ll need a medium-bodied beer to refresh while never getting lost in the flavor profiles of the sub. For this sandwich we love a Pabst Blue Ribbon pairing for a simple, clean, and substantial meal experience.
▪ Sicilian Sausage and Stella Artois – Our Sicilian Sausage sandwich comes with sauteed onions and peppers and it pairs best with a great pilsner like Stella Artois. The salt, zest, and fat in the sausage ensures that every sip of the Stella Artois is perfectly refreshing, but the brew doesn’t leave a taste behind that alters the flavor of the sandwich.
At Bucceto’s, our standing as one of the best restaurants in Bloomington rests on our ability to provide a delightful food experience for lunch or dinner. If you’re looking for that perfect fresh summer lunch to make your day that much better, stop in for a sandwich and a cold one today!

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