Add An Appetizer To Your Gluten Free Pizza Columbus

With our gluten free pizza, Columbus residents who cannot or do not wish to have gluten in their diets can enjoy America’s favorite comfort food without worry. Now, what if you want to make something extra special out of that pizza dinner? That’s where our appetizers come in! At Bucceto’s, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn work hard to create an inclusive menu, and this includes plenty of freshly made and authentic Italian appetizers. 

If you’re looking to add an appetizer to your gluten free pizza Columbus order, we have a few ideas: 


Add An Appetizer To Your Gluten Free Pizza Columbus
  • Bruschetta – Our Bruschetta can be made using a gluten-free crostini, and on top of it rests fresh tomato, garlic, and herbs with optional goat cheese. To enjoy ahead of a delicious pizza, it’s a refreshing and delicious appetizer that won’t fill you up too much before you dig into your pie! 
  • Spinach artichoke dip – The Bucceto’s version of the classic spinach artichoke dip is always a hit. It’s vegetarian friendly, warm, cozy, and the perfect gluten-free way to treat a crowd before grabbing slices of pizza. 
  • Spicy meatballs – Hearty, warm, and a total classic, our spicy meatballs are a perfect way to add a bit of extra oomph to your pizza dinner! Served with gluten-free toast for dipping, you can enjoy a little or dig into a lot! 
  • Scamorza – Scamorza is smokey, warm, gooey, and delicious, making it a perfect way to complete a pizza dinner on a cool night! The Scamorza is made with smoked mozzarella, tomatoes, and herbs with gluten-free toast for dipping. 
  • Salads – The classic appetizer, a good salad is a palate cleanser for any dish – including our gluten free pizza Columbus! Dinner salads, antipasto salads, Greek salads, spring mixes, and more give you the perfect refreshing bite to compliment your pie. 

It’s not just about pizza at Bucceto’s. Our gluten-free menu includes plenty of pasta dishes, appetizers, sandwiches, and even desserts. If you’re looking for something delicious, authentic, and gluten-free to feed the family tonight, give our gluten-free pizza Columbus a try alongside one of our freshly made appetizers! 

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