American Pie Pizza Bloomington Versus Italian Pizza

The modern pizza can be traced back to Naples, Italy in about the 17th century. Back then, it was a common street food for busy residents looking for something easy and satisfying to eat. This pizza is an ancestor to both the American pie pizza Bloomington you’ll get at Bucceto’s, as well as the modern traditional Italian pizza.


While Bucceto’s prides itself on authentic Italian cuisine, our pizza is distinctly Italian American. Italian American pizza is a favorite comfort food amongst Americans everywhere, and we want to serve just what the people want to eat! We use authentic Italian inspiration with our fresh toppings and simple ingredient-forward recipes, but there are some key differences between our pizza and the pizza you might be served in Naples today.


A few key differences between our American pie pizza Bloomington and a pizza in Italy are:


  • American Pie Pizza Bloomington Versus Italian PizzaCrust – American pizza can have any number of different crust styles. There’s thin crust, deep dish pizzas, Chicago tavern style with an almost cracker-like crust, Detroit style with its distinct square shape, New Haven crust with a buttery finish, and of course the foldable New York style we primarily serve here at Bucceto’s. In Italy, there are different crust styles depending on the chef, but there’s less flexibility and these styles don’t differ too much.  In short, they like to keep their crust traditional. Traditionally, Italian pizza crust will be very thin, like the Chicago tavern cracker crust style.


  • Sauce – The sauces used on pizza in the United States compared with Italy is also quite different. Our American pie pizza Bloomington crust at Bucceto’s takes after the traditional American style but certainly with some Italian influence. This American style involves slow cooking the ingredients that go into the sauce, and adding just a touch of sugar to put a bit of sweetness into the pie.
    Italian style sauce isn’t slow-cooked, but typically cooked quickly using just fresh tomato puree, olive oil, garlic, and oregano. The development of flavor is different compared to American sauce, but the simple flavors tend to shine in a unique way.


  • Toppings and cheese – When it comes to cheese, an American pie will be covered with an even, balanced blanket of mozzarella blend cheese. In Italy, your cheese will look a bit different. Using fresh mozzarella, cheese is treated more like a topping rather than part of the pizza’s foundation on an Italian pie. This often makes the pizza a bit lighter and similar to an American Margherita pizza.
    American pizza is all about the toppings! Our Bucceto’s specialty pizzas are full of them, and we love seeing the creations our customers come up with for their “create your own” pizza orders. We offer dozens of toppings, and we want our customers to get their fill! Rather than loading up on the toppings, a traditional Italian pizza will highlight just one or two, allowing them to really be the center of the experience.


At Bucceto’s, we love our traditional flavors, but we also love a good American pie pizza Bloomington! If you’re in the mood for an Italian inspired American pie, see what we’re cooking up tonight.