An Italian Restaurant In Columbus Serving Up An Authentic Italian Dessert 

At our Italian restaurant in Columbus, we want to dish out the authentic Italian experience. We serve up fresh made pasta, wholesome ingredients, hot and satisfying pizzas, and even a dessert we import directly from Italy itself. Our Tiramisu is a star on our dessert menu, and it’s the perfect way to round out any Bucceto’s experience! 


Tiramisu translates to “pick me up” and it was originally created in the Treviso region of Italy sometime in the 1800’s. A dessert usually made and served at home, it really gained popularity when it began being served at what is now known as Le Beccherie, a restaurant in the center of the city. It stayed something of a local “secret” for some time, and didn’t begin making its way to America until the 1960’s. By the 1980’s, tiramisu became one of the country’s favorite Italian desserts.


An Italian Restaurant In Columbus Serving Up An Authentic Italian Dessert

Tiramisu is a bit different than any other cake, pie, or after-dinner confection. With the name “pick me up”, it’s not surprising to learn that it’s actually considered a popular lunch dessert; but we at Bucceto’s believe there’s no wrong time for a delicious piece! It’s comprised of a foundation of ladyfinger sponge cakes, which are soaked in espresso for a family-friendly version like we serve at our Italian restaurant in Columbus, or espresso and brandy or liqueur for an adults-only sweet.


On the soaked ladyfingers rests a layer of mascarpone cheese, custard, and hand-whipped cream – a perfect not too sweet cream combination that melts like velvet on the tongue. Another layer of soaked cakes and cream are layered on top of the base layer, and then the whole top of the dessert is dusted with delicate powdered cocoa.


Classic Italian tiramisu is cool, balanced, refreshing, and light, making it an always perfect choice after a tasty Italian meal. We import our tiramisu dessert directly from Italy, so you’re getting the most authentic treat possible this side of the Atlantic. If you’ve never tried genuine tiramisu before, or you just can’t kick that craving, we’re here at Bucceto’s to give you the best of the best! 

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