Are You Looking For Catering In Columbus?

There are a number of reasons why you might be looking for catering in Columbus. While catering is a major part of planning for big parties and celebrations, many Columbus residents don’t realize that you don’t need to throw a huge party or a wedding to look for great catering. Our Catering in Columbus at Bucceto’s is perfect for any occasion – from getting the team together after a big win or an end to the season, to feeding your family for the holiday.
Are You Looking For Catering In Columbus? Our catering in Columbus is simple, and you can really theme your experience to whatever event you’re looking to cater. For instance, if you’re looking for an authentic Italian meal, we have every piece of the puzzle to make your guests feel like they’ve been instantaneously transported to Italy with each and every bite. An example of this type of catering experience may be:
• Breadsticks and dipping sauce to start – To start your authentic Italian feast, you may want to start off with breadsticks and dipping sauce. The perfect way to whet your appetite, these made fresh breadsticks are warm, soft, and just asking to be used to sop up our tasty dipping sauces.
• Rosemary cream chicken – Fresh herbs, rich cream, and savory chicken give you all the flavors you’re looking for when you think of an authentic Italian experience. As a main dish, this is one that is sure to satisfy every guest.
• Tiramisu – The classic Italian dessert, our Tiramisu will never disappoint. Made with authentic ingredients, it’s a cool and creamy end to a fantastic eating experience.
Our catering dishes come in either full or half pan portions, so you can feed a small home full of guests or a small army as you please. If you’re looking for catering in Columbus for any occasion, we can’t wait to show you what our catering is all about!

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